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Young Cuban male doctor accused of sexual molestation

THE NEW TODAY understands that a Grenadian woman is being pressured against filing with the police sexual molestation charges against a male Cuban doctor on the island.

According to a well-placed source, the mother is urging her daughter not to file a complaint with the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) as the Cuban doctor also looks after her medically.

“Her mother is telling her – oh, don’t say nothing because next thing you make the man lose his job,” he said.

The Cuban doctor is said to be operating in a facility in the south of the island.

The source indicated that the incident happened this week and the Cuban doctor, believed to be in his early 30’s, moved in on the young female Grenadian who visited the facility to pick up some medical test results.

“The man jammed her against the door, shoved his tongue down her mouth and then tried to shove his hands into her private parts – she got away and ran out of the building,” the woman who was assaulted is quoted as telling a friend.

“The man go tell her, long he is watching her and he likes her… and whatever, whatever,” said the source.

THE NEW TODAY was told that a lot of sexual molestation is taking place involving foreigners and being covered up in Grenada.

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There are reports that a Grenadian with diplomatic status allegedly helped cover up an incident several months ago in which a male Venezuelan had assaulted a young Grenadian female in an incident in the south of the island.

A Cuban male nurse was sent back home some years ago after reports surfaced that he had put his mouth into the private part of a patient at the St George’s General Hospital.

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