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Unrest at Hubbards

The workers of Hubbards were captured late Wednesday on the picket line

A showdown is in the making between one of Grenada’s largest private sector companies and its workers on the critical issue of profit-sharing.

The employees at Jonas Browne & Hubbards engaged in protest action Wednesday to send a strong message to management that it was not happy with its efforts to alter the existing Profit-sharing agreement reached with their bargaining agents, the Commercial & Industrial Workers Union (CIWU).

Barbadian company Goddards is now the major shareholder in the local company which sells household items like lumber, cement, appliances and furniture among others to customers.

On Thursday, Hubbards issued the following release on the industrial impasse with the union:-

Our mission at Hubbard’s is to provide superior customer service by offering products and services which delight customers, while honoring our commitment to employees, shareholders, other stakeholders, and the environment.

  • In 2023, an independent compensation survey was conducted to compare Hubbard’s salaries with those of similar positions within the Grenadian market.
  • The survey results indicated that Hubbard’s base salary for certain positions fell slightly below the market average. In addition, Hubbard’s Total Cash Compensation (TCC), which includes base salary, allowances, and profit sharing, significantly exceeded the market average.
  • In our current negotiations covering February 1st, 2023, to January 31st, 2025, Hubbard’s proposes a 19% increase in base salary along with an amendment to the profit share calculation.
  • The proposed salary increase and amendment to the profit share calculation, converts a portion of the annual profit-share into a guaranteed monthly base salary. Overall theses changes result in an increase in Total Cash Compensation.
  • In the course of negotiations, Hubbard’s proposed to pay for an independent verification of the calculations by engaging a reputable accounting firm. However, our proposal was declined.
  • We remain committed to following the legal procedures outlined in law and prioritizing positive industrial relations for the benefit of our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Our goal is to achieve a favourable outcome for all parties involved.

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