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Trini man wanted for murder caught in Grenada

Police in Grenada now have in custody one of the most wanted persons in Trinidad & Tobago for murder.

The suspect has been identified as Joel Hannibal and he was caught by law enforcement officials about three weeks ago.

Hannibal is now at Central Police Station on the Carenage awaiting extradition as the authorities in the neighbouring twin island Republic have been notified about his presence on the island.

According to a well-placed source, the lawmen were first attracted to the Trinidadian due to his presence in the St George’s Market Square just over a month ago when a criminal element from the south came up into the city and fired a bullet at someone associated with the 4-Roads Gang.

“We saw him sitting down dey ordinary. He’s wanted in Trinidad but the man dey here nice and easy,” said the source.

The police insider told THE NEW TODAY that the lawmen were suspicious of him but had no reason to pick him up.

He said that Hannibal was present in the Grenville Street area near to 4-Roads during the incident nearly two weeks ago when the now deceased Shane Brown who was gunned down was involved in a confrontation with a well-known figure from 4-Roads.

Brown had a run for his life as he was chased by a cutlass-wielding man who had thrown several bottles at him.

Four days later, Brown was shot dead in the Snug Corner area by masked men who drove by in a vehicle.

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The police source said that a party of officers were dispatched to 4-Roads after the incident and Hannibal was seen sitting down by the road and was taken into custody for questioning.

“When we take him and do an intel on him he was found out to be a dangerous man,” he said.

According to the police insider, Hannibal told the lawmen that he had been living in Grenada since December.

He lamented the fact that the young ladies in the country had fallen in love with the Trini killer and were accepting money from him.

“…He (Hannibal) pick up a nice woman – ordinary girl – the man home (not working) and she getting money from him but don’t asking him way he getting the money from,” he remarked.

The officer chided these young Grenadian women for failing to do any investigation “to determine whether or not that is a good man or whether that man aint’ good – once them men and them give them money they just falling for them men and them.”

One of the girlfriends when questioned by the police admitted that she did not know why Hannibal was in custody and when told it was for two murders in Trinidad, she replied: “Ah, he never tell us that.”

THE NEW TODAY understands that Trinidad police have already contacted their counterparts in Grenada to start the legal paperwork to hand over the wanted man into their custody.

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