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Tribute delivered last Thursday by president of the Grenada Bar Association (GBA) Derick Sylvester at the funeral of Celia Clyne-Edwards – Queens Counsel

Queens Counsel Celia Clyne-Edwards

A legal icon has truly departed.

We were all deeply saddened to learn of the death of Mrs. Celia Edwards QC. We extend our heartfelt sympathies’ to; Deloni, Celine, Emil and Krystal and also her brother George and their wider family at this most difficult time.

Mrs. Edwards was an avid Attorney at Law with over 38 years of practice, of which 14 was in the capacity as Queen’s Counsel, a title conferred on her in the year 2008. This was in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the legal profession.

Her seasoned years of practice unquestionably makes her one of the greatest legal practitioners of her generation. She made significant contributions to the profession, not only here in Grenada, but also regionally and internationally, having appeared before every strata of our court system including the Privy Council.

In many ways Mrs. Edwards ensured that Attorneys who appeared on the opposite side were always well prepared, as we knew that once we were going up against her, she would be well prepared, articulate and whilst at the same time respectful to other Counsel and the Court.

At the end of the matter there was absolutely no animosity. She was truly ‘a lady among ladies and a ‘woman among women’.

Her approach to her beloved professional life, was reflected in everything she did. She was an exceptional and excellent professional – she was like a mother to us all. She has guided and moulded many Attorneys in this profession, hence the reason for the outpouring of love and support to all her children and family at this time.

Her sound advocacy skills were second to none. The respect she commanded in any court room, always ensured that she had the full attention of all. Many Attorneys would listen attentively as we knew when she was on her feet, there were lessons to be learnt from the stalwart Queen’s Counsel Edwards.

She had an ‘open door’ policy not only for her colleagues at George E.D Clyne office, but also for all Attorneys here in Grenada. If any of us needed legal guidance, or had a question, or even needed a precedent – we knew that we could call Mrs. Edwards as she was always ready to signpost Attorneys in the right direction. This mentorship is something that will be missed by so many.

Mrs. Edwards was not just a brilliant and insightful Attorney, she was a wonderful colleague, friend and mentor to so many. She was an outstanding human being who really cared about others. She would provide different insights, which sometimes came with a blunt perspective. However, this was never to be taken personal, as she was kind, thoughtful, dutiful and forgiving of the faults and short comings of others.

Put simply – “She was the cutting edge in this legal profession”.

Mrs. Edwards gave back in a plethora of ways to both the legal profession and wider community, including the Grenada Bar Association and for this we are eternally grateful.

There was one part of her life that she was particularly proud of: her family. She was proud of each and every one of you. She loved your company. She celebrated with you and by extension with us your accomplishments, large and small. We all remember how proud she was when her two children; Deloni and Celine were admitted to practice law in the state of Grenada, and also the birth of her grandson. To her family…. Take comfort knowing that Mrs. Edwards was a special human being-divine-generous-loving-caring- and the list is never ending.

Mrs. Celia Edwards QC was a giant of the law and leaves a legacy in the legal profession that will continue to be beneficial to Attorneys for generations to come.

The legal community has lost a lioness and a legend. We pray for her family and wider circle of friends at the Bar and beyond who will experience an irreplaceable loss at her passing.

All of us at the ‘Grenada Bar Association’ will miss her greatly, take comfort knowing she is now resting peacefully with the Lord.

May She Rest In Peace. Thank You.

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