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Traffic warden sends naked photos from inside Grenville traffic department to police high command member

Commissioner of Police Edvin Martin – seen inspecting his officers at a ceremony

Details are beginning to emerge about the kind of personal relationship existing between Traffic Wardens and high-ranking officers of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

A female police insider called THE NEW TODAY to give graphic details about the activities between a Traffic Warden attached to the Grenville Police Station and one of the highest ranking officers in RGPF.

She confirmed that an incident did happen at Traffic in Grenville that was highlighted two weeks ago in the initial newspaper report about sexual abuse within the Police Force.

“This thing about the Warden and (name of High Command member withheld) is true,” she said.

“This Warden girl is very bold about it. She used to send the nude photos for (name of High Command member withheld),” she added.

According to the officer she has personal knowledge of the exchange involving the nude photos that came from the female Traffic Warden who is married with a husband.

“I saw the message – she’s a bold girl, it’s a kind of open girl,” she said about the Traffic Warden who often make the boast in front of female officers, “All you don’t feel ah have me links.”

She spoke of seeing the Traffic Warden showing other officers at the station some personal photos, some with her only in panties and others where she had on only bras that were sent to a particular member of the High Command at police headquarters on Fort George.

The officer told THE NEW TODAY that the picture of the High Command member was seen by them on the display picture of the Whatsapp platform.

“It’s about six pictures that I saw. I didn’t look further because I didn’t want to be involved in that thing,” she said.

“We wanted to verify if it was him (High Command member) because anybody can put somebody’s picture as a profile on Whatsapp. They went on a Chat Group on the station phone and realised that was the number of the (High Command Member) for real,” she added.

Asked if the High Command member had responded to the nude photos sent to him, she said that the only thing that she saw on the phone of the Traffic Warden from him was the word “sweet”.

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She said that other officers in the Grenville station indicated that the High Command member seemed to be pleased at getting the nude photos and said many other things but she was not sure about it.

“I don’t know anything else,” she quipped.

According to the female police, after this incident a lot of officers at the station decided to back away from this particular Traffic Warden fearing that due to her connections within the High Command on Fort George she might be able to get anyone of them who ran into difficulties with her transferred from the station.

She said that this particular Traffic Warden also showed them photos of other officers in “Khaki” and that she had developed close relationships within RGPF.

She pointed out that some of these photos were taken “without bras and you could see where she (breast) fall down”.

The female officer stated that when she saw the letter which appeared in THE NEW TODAY about two weeks ago from one of her colleagues and made mention of photos between a Traffic Warden and a High Command member, she immediately felt that it was related to the incident inside the Grenville Traffic Department.

She also said that another Traffic Warden who is alleged to have a lover’s relationship with an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) often threatens female police officers who are scared of her on the grounds that this senior officer is well-connected with some members of the Police High Command.

She said that this particular Warden has a habit of threatening some of her own supervisors.

“She does say, don’t play with me, don’t play with me I could get anything done and I could do anything I want.

I heard she threatened a Male Supervisor at times and she told him I don’t want that shift (to work). If I want a shift I know how to get it.” It is these men and them that have them like that.

Police Commissioner Edvin Martin is known to have summoned a meeting Wednesday morning at the Trade Center in the wake of the articles from THE NEW TODAY which gave an expose on sexual abuse within RGPF.

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