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The story of one of the assassins

Razim Mitchell - on his way to court on Tuesday

Three weeks before he was charged for murder, Cafebeau Hill resident Razim Mitchell had filed an official complaint to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) about the burning of his boat estimated at EC$11, 000.00 allegedly by elements linked to the Carenage, St George’s Ghetto.

A police insider told THE NEW TODAY that Mitchell also complained that the police were lackadaisical in investigating the issue in which he fingered those involved as persons under the command of an individual known in the Underworld of Crimes as the Carenage Don.

The Grand Anse individual was charged Saturday by Police along with another man from the south of the island Marcus “Slick” Johnson for the Saigon murder of Carenage Gangster Von “Wangy” Cyrus, considered as a key Lieutenant of the Carenage boss in the shady illegal drug business on the island.

According to a police insider, the murder accused had visited the South St George Police station to file a report about the burning of the boat just outside the waters off the world famous Grand Anse beach.

He said the burning of the boat “hit that man hard” and as such some key players in the Underworld believe that this incident could have sparked the shooting incident that led to the demise of “Wangy”.

He also dropped hints that “Wangy” and the Carenage Don had approached Mitchell, a father of nine children, to use his boat to transport some illegal guns into the country for them.

“Wangy” and (Carenage Don) wanted him to bring in some guns and he told them nah, he ain’t taking part in that so that caused them to be angry with him. He say nah, nah his boat is not for that.

The source pointed out that Mitchell was apparently trying to turn around his life after falling into trouble with the law back in 2013 but the Carenage gangsters “keep pushing him” to co-operate with them on gun-running.

He said the situation reached to the point that on a few occasions when Mitchell turned up in court for a case against him he used to be confronted by some of the major players linked to the Carenage Ghetto.

“It had instances where that man (Mitchell) go in court and had to run from court because they came up by the court to attack the man. What he did, he keep talking to them CID man and they did nothing.

“He say twice he go in court with a knife in his waist – that is how bad things was because he was scared for his life – them men threatening to attack. Once they came and run into his house, kicked down his door in the presence of all his children, stick him up.”

“He say he didn’t care if he dead, he say he just start fighting with them and he pushed them aside and he just run outside straight in the station.”

According to the Police insider, the South St George Police Station have all these documented complaints from Mitchell about his ordeal with the Carenage gangsters.

“How will you deal with an irate customer who consistently is being (confronted) by persons – you must have this kind of action (the killing of “Wangy” in Saigon)?”

The Police insider told THE NEW TODAY that he spoke to one of his colleagues who engaged Mitchell after he was brought into Central Police station and charged with the murder of the Carenage gangster.

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He said that the murder accused conceded that he was in the vehicle along with three others who took part in the execution.

“All he saying is that he didn’t shoot nobody, he was sitting down in the car. He say it was four of us in the car and I never go outside. The only time I go outside is when I realise that the car couldn’t move – he had to run for his life,” the officer quoted his colleague as saying after speaking with Mitchell.

Underworld figures said the vehicle which transported the four assassins failed to start after the engine was struck by a bullet fired from the Carenage Don during a rapid exchange of gunfire.

Mitchell reportedly told police officers that during the assault on the Carenage men in Saigon, the man considered as their leader “fired real shots” at the assassins from what is believed to be an automatic gun.

Underworld sources say that the Carenage Don will usually carry with him a special gun that can hold up to 16 bullets.

The police insider told THE NEW TODAY that the armed masked men undertook the mission to kill the “Carenage Underworld Boss” more than “Wangy”.

He said the assassins seemingly had information that the targeted man was due in Saigon to drop off drugs for those selling for him.

“What happened is that (the Carenage Don) and the man (“Wangy”) exchanged vehicles. “Wangy” had (Carenage Don) van and (Carenage Don) had “Wangy” van because the stuff (drugs) was in (Carenage Don) vehicle. So “Wangy” was giving a small man the stuff to deliver while (The Carenage Don) behind now looking to collect his money (from other drug pushers in Saigon). So “Wangy” car in front, (Carenage Don) behind … he come looking to collect his money and all he (Jigger).”

The police source indicated a bullet fired by one of the assassins at the Carenage Don narrowly missed his head.

“He feel something pass by his ears and when he feel he see blood. So when he do so he hear shots firing … he see his partner (“Wangy”) going down (and) … people starting firing behind him.”

“So what he do he take his pistol and he start firing. We want to believe that (the Caribbean son) had an automatic rifle, not a pistol whether it is an Uzi gun he had but it was rapid firing.”

The police insider pointed out that when “Wangy” got shot, he fell down and tried to go underneath a vehicle but one of the gunmen ran up to him and shot him in the head.

He also revealed that a 17 year old who got shot during the incident told police officers that he ran from the scene for his life.

The teenager was reportedly sitting on the steps of one of the booths in Saigon waiting for “Wangy” to come and give him “the thing” to deliver to another drug pusher when the shooting started.

The police insider said he formed the impression that the mission of the assassins was to kill the Carenage Don in the early hours of Sunday when he came to collect money in the South from his pushers and they did not expect to see “Wangy” there with him.

Speculation is rife that “Wangy” had been lured by a woman to spend some time with her at a small hotel along the Grand Anse main road.

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