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The sacking of Neisha Peters by GBN

Sports Producer Neisha Peters – was sacked by GBN over the posting on Social Media (Photo credit: Haron Forteau Media)

The Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG) is coming under fire from some of its own members over the media grouping’s lack of support to one of its own executive members who was dismissed a week ago by the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN).

Sports Producer Neisha Peters was fired amidst reports that the Management at the Network took issue with one of her Social Media postings on her personal Facebook Page about the activities of the Grenada Football Association (GFA).

The posting focused on the spending of GFA funds under its President Marlon Glean.

According to well-placed sources, the matter of Peters’ sacking has been brought to the attention of MWAG but the Gerald Joseph-led outfit is being accused of dragging its feet on the issue.

The source recalled the speed at which the Media body was able to raise concerns and did dispatch letters to the Caribbean Association of Media Workers and other international media bodies over their exclusion from an event at the Office of the Governor-General last year in which new Cabinet Ministers took their oaths to their newly reassigned portfolios in a Cabinet reshuffle.

He said that several members of MWAG are concerned with the lack of direction of the body in light of the existing situation in which the President is no longer working in the media as well as another senior female member of the executive.

He told THE NEW TODAY, the local media organisation is virtually non-existence and has been struggling to even hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to elect a new executive due to the non-payment of dues by most of the members.

The source pointed out that most of the members of MWAG fall into the category of being “non-financial” and resulting in the organisation not being in a position to get a quorum to hold the AGM to put in place a new executive and to find a replacement President for Joseph who is now said to be working with a family business in the health sector.

One MWAG member said that the dismissed Peters is seeking legal advice on her options given the manner in which she was dismissed by the GBN Management.

There are reports that the female sports journalist was sacked one week after receiving a communique from the Network outlining its policies on Social Media posting.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY reproduces portions of the GBN correspondent on the issue:-

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