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Tense situation between 4-Roads and South

A bullet fired by the gunman landed in this area of The “BIG 4”

There is a state of uneasiness existing among persons associated with two warring gangs on the island from 4-Roads in the city and the other in the South that can soon become explosive.

According to an influential figure in the Underworld of Crime on the island, the situation is very tense at the moment and the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is seemingly not doing anything to quell the tension that exists among the two groups.

He told THE NEW TODAY that tension is extremely high between the forces linked to 4-Roads in the city and the gang in the south of the island that is headed by the reputed leader of the now disbanded “Bloods” group.

He said the last time persons associated with the two groups clashed a few weeks ago only light weapons were used but it is quite possible that the next serious encounter can involve the use of much more heavy artillery.

“The next time they are going to be running amok, they won’t be running amok with cutlass, they won’t be running amok with handguns, they will be pulling out the heavier stuff,” he added.

Last month, two persons from 4-Roads were apprehended by the police during an incident in broad daylight when individuals associated with 4-Roads travelled to the Tourist Vendor’s Market at Grand Anse and opened fire at an individual linked to the South which resulted in vendors having to flee for their lives.

This incident happened just over an hour after someone identified with the South came up to the St George’s Market and fired off shots in the direction of a figure known to be associated with 4-Roads.

According to the source, the group of young men associated with the City group are said to be totally fed-up with the situation and are pointing fingers at those linked to the South and accusing them of being bent on coming after them even though they are not willing to get involved in any warfare.

He quoted one person from the 4-Roads outfit as saying that “the police ain’t seem to be doing nothing” to quell the tension between the two rival groups.

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He said the 4-Roads ”guys” are insisting that they are not going out of their area to “look for issues” with anybody and that in all the recent incidents of a flare up of violence it happened because those associated with the South launched attacks on their members.

“In fact, they are saying like they (South) are colluding with the police, the police colluding with them.”

The source pointed out that the 4-Roads group are more interested in making their money “in the contraband trade with St Vincent in bringing in weed – they don’t want to be going up every Monday morning in the courthouse” due to gang violence.

The underworld figure warned that “there is the building up of grievance” by members linked to 4-Roads with their rivals from the south.

He said the city members complain of often “being pushed” to engage in retaliatory action against those in the South who want to rekindle the old warfare 20 years ago between The Bloods/Carenage/4-Roads.

According to the source, those elements linked to 4-Roads are insisting that they are not for this kind of warfare and “are getting angry” and the authorities should come to their senses and realize that the situation is now “serious”.

“They’re saying they are getting the dirty end of the stick with everybody saying 4-Roads (is violent) and nobody saying Grand Anse are provoking them to force them to retaliate. Everything is 4-Roads/Carenage,” he said.

The Underworld insider spoke of 4-Roads “guys” indicating that the last shooting incident took place when someone from the South known to the Police and still on the loose came into the St George’s Market and “targeted” one of their own with a gun.

“This issue has now gone beyond just a tit-for-tat,” he remarked.

He said he sensed that certain elements on 4-Roads are adopting the position that they should do “something once and for all to put this thing at a head because they are fed up.”

This is an obvious reference to a possible attack by 4-Roads on persons known to be associated with the South Group.

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