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Strike action at Mt. Hartman Quarry

An aerial view of the Mt Hartman Quarry where workers are engaged in a struggle with management

Workers at the Mt Hartman Quarry, being operated by Consolidated Contractors Company Caribbean Incorporated (CCCCI) downed tools on Monday in protest of the firing of employee, Clement “Gargu” Phillip.

THE NEW TODAY has obtained the copy of the dismissal letter sent to the worker by Andy Smart who is attached to the Human Resources/Corporate Development section of the business.

Dated March 23, the correspondence was sent out under the caption, “Termination Letter Without Cause”, and noted that the dismissal was being done in line with “our termination policy which gives each party the right to terminate employment without cause.”

According to one worker, Phillip’s dismissal really has to do with his efforts to unionise the CCCCI workers who have been operating without contracts for several months.

He said the sacked worker had approached the Commercial & Industrial Workers Union (CIWU) the very week he received the letter of dismissal from the company.

A source close to CCCCI indicated that it was laying off workers “as the St Patrick’s road is at an end.”

“…They laid off one worker and all workers down tools,” he said.

CCCCI is responsible for most of the aggregate used on government road construction projects.

Following is the text of the dismissal letter from CCCCI, in which Nelson Louison is reportedly the main player in the business:

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