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Small booth operators are upset

A photo of one of the Vending Machines that was installed at the Bus Terminus on Melville Street in the city

Operators of booths at the St George’s Bus Terminus are up-in-arms against their bosses over the issue of competing Vending Machines to sell drinks to customers.

One operator at the facility called THE NEW TODAY to complain that the management at the Bus Terminus has installed two additional vending machines at the place to sell drinks which is in direct competition to them.

According to the booth operator, one of the machines is placed directly at the end of the Zone 4 Bus Stand, and in front of booths that have to pay rent to the authorities to operate at the place.

She complained that these additional vending machines “will be in direct competition with us the booth vendors.”

She also said that the vendors are affected by limited opening hours to ply their business as the management “have implemented and been enforcing the 8 and 9 p.m. lock up times which cuts back on the time you have available to make sales.”

This attitude of those running the Bus Terminus, she charged, proved “time and time again they are not for the small business owners.”

“This is overwhelming and I have to speak out,” said the small booth owner.

The operator of the small booth expressed fears that the intention of those running the Bus Terminus is to put them out of business to aid those behind the Vending Machines.

When contacted on the issue, THE NEW TODAY was given a run-around by two of the major personnel in senior managerial positions at the Terminus.

The manager Sheavon Hosten indicated that he will contact the manager of Administration Marlon Clyne to issue the response.

When Hosten was again contacted on February 22 about the matter, he said he would decline to comment and also indicated that Clyne “has opted to not comment as well.”

The issue was raised with a senior government employee who said he was sure that someone in the private sector has a close relationship within persons in authority in the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) to allow them to set up the Vending Machines to take business away from these small booth operators.

“It’s just unacceptable that you want to charge these people to operate there and then come back and compete against them,” he said.

The senior public officer urged the booth operators to take the issue to the Manager at GPA former Deputy Commissioner of Police Frank Redhead or the Minister of Transport in the Congress government who is Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

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