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SGU workers heighten protest over forced vaccination

SGU workers protesting against forced vaccination

Workers of St George’s University (SGU) have upped the ante in their struggle against attempts to force vaccination on employees.

Just about two dozen of the sixty employees who are standing their ground on the vaccination issue marched through Grand Anse on Wednesday and staged a picket outside of Real Value Supermarket.

The supermarket was targeted for protest action after management sent out a circular ordering its employees to get vaccinated in order to accommodate SGU students who favour the establishment.

Rolly Duncan, a member of the SGU staff who have been locked out of their jobs since June 15 when a mandatory vaccination policy went into force at the offshore university, said they are widening their protest action beyond the gates of the school in order to bring attention to what they consider to be employers and the government forcing vaccination on an unwilling population.

“Forced vaccination, mandatory vaccination, we stand against that, strong and we are also sending a very strong message to the powers-that-be that this is illegal, it is unlawful and we will take this to the streets and if need be, take it to the Court in order to have this resolved,” Duncan told THE NEW TODAY.

Duncan said they are leaving negotiations regarding the status of their employment up to their labour representative, the Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) but they are embarking on a national campaign against forced vaccination.

“We have realised there are a number of persons who have taken the vaccine and they are experiencing adverse effects unlike what the science or what the Minister of Health have told us. And let me make it clear, we are not here to attack the Prime Minister nor the Minister of Health. We want the facts straight.

“Let the powers that be come out and let us know exactly what is behind this vaccination. We cannot stand up against these guys but we have a David and Goliath situation and Goliath was taken down by a slingshot and a stone. So we are seeing a similar situation here as it exists right now.

“What we are trying to do is sensitise Grenadians, educate them as to the status of the vaccination. Vaccination should not be mandatory, it should not be forced and they should come out and tell us exactly what it is that they are gaining behind pushing the agenda of forced vaccination.

Just about a third of the total number of people needed to achieve immunity have taken the AstraZeneca vaccine, the only one on offer in Grenada.

Duncan said they will take the struggle across the country to try and block what they view as forced vaccination.

“Forced vaccination ought not to happen in Grenada. We are going to escalate this to St George’s and we are going to take this drive throughout the length and breadth of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.”

Health officials have not acknowledged the occurrence of unusual side effects in people who have received the AstraZeneca and government has virtually abandoned its campaign to promote public health measures such as wearing of masks, extended quarantine for travellers and a ban on mass gatherings in favour of a vaccination drive that has been sluggish despite their best efforts.

A group calling itself Conscious Minded Grenadians has been formed for the purpose of raising awareness about the possible harmful side effects of the vaccine and to oppose forced vaccination.

The group is preparing a petition calling on the government for transparency on the issue and they are also compiling data on reported cases of unusual side effects.

While there is no official data, there have been several reports of unexpected side effects such as temporary loss of sight and skin discolouration.

The SGU workers have also called on Church leaders in Grenada to speak up on the issue of vaccination.

Church leaders in Grenada, usually extremely vocal on issues such as gambling and marijuana use, have been notably silent as the debate over vaccination rages.

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