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SGU facility on Grand Anse beach converted into a centre for only positive Covid-19 persons

The old SGU campus on Grand Anse beach is now facilitating only positive Covid-19 cases

As Covid-19 continues to sweep through Grenada, the authorities have taken the decision to convert the 64-room facility on Grand Anse beach belonging to St. George’s University (SGU) into a full-fledged isolation centre to house only persons confirmed as positive for the deadly virus.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY on Thursday, Manager of the facility, senior civil servant Arthur Pierre said the focus is no longer to use the place as a venue for isolation of persons who need to be quarantined on arrival in the country as they wait on the results of their PCR Covid-19 test.

“Right now we are converting that facility to serve only positive persons. All persons who have been negative we are trying to get them out and to have that place for persons who are positive only,” he said.

According to Pierre, the place is not filled to capacity at the moment and that “we have space in some areas but there is one building that is almost filled to capacity.”

“We have other rooms that have not been used and they are prepared to be used which means that we have beds and everything inside of there – they are not occupied as yet,” he said.

Pierre also confirmed that employees at the facility are equipped with Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) to handle persons who are brought to the facility.

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“We do have Protective Gear for persons who work there. They (the workers) have been advised over and over to use it – I have met with them on numerous occasions, I have advised them over and over and they are using it,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the facility has three floors and that one floor is currently filled to capacity with 16 persons while the second floor can accommodate about 8 persons.

Among the Covid-19 infected persons at the facility are employees from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

An official said: “We have a number of persons who have tested positive, we have a number of persons who have tested and have not got their results as yet.”

He disclosed that some persons who have been exposed to a positive Covid-19 case are complaining of experiencing problems in contacting the government Covid-19 Health Desk and are being advised to go to a private health facility to get tested for the virus.

He said that one family went and all the members tested positive for the virus.

“This thing (Covid-19) is spreading like wildfire,” he added.

Grenada has seen its Covid-19 figures jump from around 180 three weeks ago to over 600 in recent days.