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Seven disassembled guns found in Barrel in Carriacou

The building in Carriacou that houses the Customs Department where the guns were intercepted in the barrel

Grenada police have released the four persons picked up for questioning earlier in the week on the sister isle of Carriacou in connection with the discovery of seven guns in a barrel that came from the United States.

A source close to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) told THE NEW TODAY that the lawmen released them from custody pending further investigation into the matter.

The police were called in when the Customs Department discovered the disassembled illegal firearms among grocery items in the barrel that was being cleared by a female government employee.

According to one well-placed source, the barrel was addressed to an individual who is currently the subject of a criminal charge by police for possession of cocaine.

“The guy – everybody (in Carriacou) know him as a drug man,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the barrel came into the country without a returning address and name of sender on it.

The source said this is not unusual since he had received barrels in the past from the US without any returning address on it.

He identified the female public officer who went to clear the barrel as a close cousin of the female companion of the main suspect in the matter.

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He is confident that “the charges will come” soon by the police despite the release of the four from custody pending further investigation by officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on mainland Grenada.

“They are trying to make sure that they (the CID officers) tie up all ends before picking them up again,” he remarked.

A party of police officers from CID were dispatched from Grenada on Monday to travel to Carriacou to take charge of the investigation into the guns in the barrel issue.

The discovery of the illegal firearms came less than a week before the Dickon Mitchell-led Congress administration made amendments to the firearms act in Parliament to provide for stiffer penalties including lengthy jail sentences for persons who violate the law.

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