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Sen. Norland Cox takes charge as NNP caretaker for South St George constituency

Senator, the Honorable Norland Cox has been confirmed as the New National Party’s (NNP’s) Caretaker of the South St. George Constituency.

Delegates and observers of the NNP South St. George Constituency Branch, came out on Monday 31st, January at the Grenada Trade Centre where Senator Cox was unanimously supported as the party’s new flag bearer for the next General Election.

Supported by several high profile figures within the New National Party led by General Secretary Mr.  Roland Bhola, Deputy General Secretary and Member of Parliament for the Town of St. George, Honourable Peter David, present Member of Parliament for South St. George and Minister of Health Nickolas Steele, newly appointed Constituency Caretaker of the St. George North East Constituency Nimrod Ollivierre and past caretaker/Senator/ Minister of Government, Mrs. Ann David Antoine, Senator Cox was declared the official party constituency caretaker after being nominated on the floor by the outgoing Member of Parliament and constituency caretaker Honorable Nickolas Steele.

Affectionately describing Senator Cox as a “Good Comrade”, Honorable Peter David stated that like himself “Senator Cox is an individual who honestly and sincerely cares about people.”

Honorable David in his endorsement, pledged the full support of the Town of St. George Constituency and urged those gathered to continue focusing on carrying out the work necessary to secure victory at the polls for Senator Cox and the New National Party.

In handing over the baton of the constituency to Senator Cox, present Member of Parliament Nickolas Steele gave his full endorsement of Cox.

Steele described Cox as a man of the people whom the people of the South had taken to very easily.

“I proudly stand here to endorse him and at the same time proudly recognise those who went before me such as Sister Ann David-Antoine and Sister Alexandra Otway – who is not on island – but sends her full love and support to Brother Norland Cox and she asked me to pass that on to you. You have something once again which is unique in the NNP that you have every single past candidate in the South standing behind the present candidate.”

Minister Steele also took the opportunity to thank the people of South St. George Constituency stating that he is proud to have been given the opportunity to serve as their representative.

In his inaugural address as the caretaker of South St George, Minister Cox spoke to the way forward under his leadership while also reflecting on the past “and so tonight, I am here to declare that I, Norland Sebastian Cox is committed to the service of the people of this constituency; to the service of the New National Party and is even more committed to the service of the entire state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

“I have no illusions about the work we must put in together as we move forward; but rest assured that I am not daunted. Together we shall go down into the trenches; we will go and meet the people where they are; and together we will fine-tune this New National Party agenda of people’s empowerment.”

Sen. Cox currently serves as the Minister for Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Transport and Implementation.

He was born on the island of Carriacou in the village of Dover and served for a period of seventeen (17) years as a public officer, first as an Agricultural Instructor in the Ministry of Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs especially farmers mainly in the areas of Veterinary Health and livestock production.

Sen. Cox is said to have had training and qualifications in Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health, Project Management, Oil and Gas Exploration, Marine Surveying, and Project Proposal Development and Writing, and Management Studies.

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