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RGPF needs to uproot the gangs

Acting Commissioner Don Mc Kenzie

A former top cop in Grenada has expressed concerns over the rapid increase in criminal activities on the island.

The ex-senior police officer is fearful that the situation would get worse if someone that knows about security is not put in charge immediately.

He said there are people on the island who are willing to give advice on how to address the situation and the way forward because of experience.

He singled out for mention former Commissioner of Police James Clarkson who has approached the powers-that-be but apparently without any success.

According to the source, the current National Security Advisor Willan Thompson and the current Acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie “don’t know or have the experience to handle the situation.”

He pointed out that if the situation is not addressed with some degree of urgency and quickly “with one that knows about intelligence and strategic planning it’s going to get worse.”

He said those now running the island’s security apparatus should see as a priority the need to take back control of “the turf” from the criminal elements.

“If we don’t do that then we can never hope to win the war against these people,” he quipped.

The ex-cop said that Grenada is in for a rough time as citizens just have “to sit and watch because there is no one there (in National Security) to plan ahead for these crimes.”

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In recent weeks, the island has witnessed several deadly gun-related shootings linked to gang warfare between elements in the city and the south of the island.

Speculation is rife that the deadly warring gangs in Trinidad especially “The Six” and “7” have been able to infiltrate into Grenada and get some of the criminal elements at work for them in Grenada.

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