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Questions raised about healthcare at Mirabeau

This is what the hands looked like after receiving medical attention at the hospital in the rural part of the country

A man who claims to be a strong supporter of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) is angry with the manner in which he was allegedly treated by Health Minister Senator Jonathan La Crette on a matter involving his sick mother.

Terrence Wells called THE NEW TODAY to relate a story involving his mother, Judith Catherine Gill and her treatment at the Princess Alice hospital at Mirabeau in St Andrew.

He is calling for answers to concerns raised about the kinds of medicine that was administered to the lady on being admitted to the hospital.

Attempts to reach the Minister of Health proved futile.

The following was related to us by Terrence Wells:-

“I am looking for some answers from the Minister of Health, and Medical Director because on the 9/8 month my mom was admitted to the Mirabeau hospital where she was having an asthma attack.

She was admitted to the ward and the next day I was told she needed to do some blood work but I’ll have to pay for it privately since it wasn’t accessible at the General Hospital.

I went to Qualitex to pay for the bloodworks and on getting the results they told me that she suffered a mild Heart attack. She was supposed to receive some blood thinning injection which was supposed to be done through an IV.

However, they gave her right under her skin which caused damage to her blood vessels and caused swelling, discoloration and swelling of her right hand and immense pain.

I tried to reach out to them but it proved futile so I reached out to the Minister of Health who in my opinion wasn’t too happy with me calling him cause the tone of his voice said everything.

He told me he had a million and one things on his desk, why am I telling him about this? I told him, well I tried to reach out to the M.D. and other members of the hospital and was unsuccessful.

He told me he would get back to me which he did and said the Medical Director at Mirabeau said my mom came in with a swollen hand and I know for a fact that isn’t true.

We had our back and forth then he hung up on me. Well, I am still looking for answers to why this happened to my mom. Any response from the powers- that-be will be greatly appreciated or else I will have no other choice than to take it the legal route.”

The government health system has been coming in for a barrage of criticisms over the years.

A few years ago, the government had to pay out approximately EC$250, 000.00 to the wife of an Inspector of Police who died at the General Hospital from excessive bleeding due to wrong medicine that was administered to him.

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