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Police Officers seek stay of proceedings in almost 13-year-old Manslaughter case

Attorney Francis Alexis KC said the defense team awaits Court of Appeal ruling on the issue

One of the attorneys representing the four police officers involved in the long-standing Oscar Bartholomew Manslaughter case has filed for a stay of proceedings, citing an “inordinate” delay that they argue undermines the accused’s right to a timely trial.

The case, now nearing its thirteenth year, involves former police officers Edward Gibson, Shaun Ganness, Rody Felix, and Wendell Sylvester, who have been entangled in legal battles since their committal to stand trial in November 2017.

Attorney Francis Alexis, KC, representing one of the defendants, provided an update on the matter, taking issue that while the Court has agreed that there has been an inordinate delay, the Judge still took a decision to proceed to trial instead of staying the proceedings.

He believes that the “judge ought to have gone further and stayed the proceedings and that there should be no further proceedings against the defendants.”

According to Dr. Alexis, an appeal against the Judge’s decision has been filed with the Court of Appeal.

The appellate court’s decision on whether to grant the stay could significantly impact the future course of the case.

The matter dates back to December 2011, when 39-year-old Bartholomew, a Grenadian naturalised Canadian citizen, died after being beaten at the St. David’s Police Station.

The four police officers who are being represented by Attorneys Alexis KC, Anselm Clouden, Arley Gill, and Ruggles Ferguson KC, were charged with manslaughter, defined as the unlawful killing of a human being without malice following a Coroner’s jury verdict.

The policemen are currently on EC$100,000 bail each.

Their first trial, which began in September 2022 under now-retired High Court Judge Justice Victoria Charles-Clarke, ended in a mistrial, further prolonging the judicial process.

The case is now before Madame Justice Paula Gilford who has scheduled a date in October for the start of the second trial at the St. George’s No.1 High Court.

“The new judge in the matter has set a date for October 7 for the trial to commence again. Whether that will happen depends on our proceedings before the court of appeal. So, between now, and October 7, we should know from the Court of Appeal what is the law of the land,” said Dr. Alexis, a former Grenada Attorney-General.

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