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Peters brothers facing high legal costs in Harbor Master incident

World double Javelin champion Anderson Peters

World double Javelin champion Anderson Peters and his brother Kiddon Peters could face potential substantial legal costs after the St. George’s High Court dismissed their civil claim for damages relating to the shocking Harbor Master party boat incident that occurred during the August 2022 Carnival festivities.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the exact figure is to be determined in a scheduled cost hearing on November 16.

High Court Judge Madame Justice Agnes Actie delivered her judgment in the 1-year and 3-month-old matter at the St. George’s No. 4 High Court on Tuesday, conferring with arguments put forward by the team of lawyers for the St. Lucian-based vessel.

Led by Trinidad-based Attorneys Nyree Alfonso, and Asif Hosein Shaun, along with Grenadian Dylan Charles, the legal team challenged the court’s jurisdiction to seize the boat, contending that the admiralty laws were not followed.

“That’s the key thing in this case,” stated the female attorney, who has over 30 years of experience in admiralty law, in an interview with reporters during a press conference in St. George’s moments after Tuesday’s High Court ruling.

“…If you want to bring an in-realm claim against a vessel you must show that the ship is the tool that caused the damage,” she said, while expressing the view that the matter should not have been brought before the court.”

“What they have done is expose themselves to more damages…because if you arrest (or) take somebody’s asset into the custody of the court, and deprive them of it you may also have to pay damages for that deprivation of use of the assets,” she remarked.

The Supreme Court Registry ordered the boat to remain in Grenadian waters following an application for its arrest by Attorney-at-law Derick Sylvester.

The Peters brothers are being represented in the matter by Attorneys Sylvester, and King’s Counsels Dr. Francis Alexis and Ruggles Ferguson.

Attorney Sylvester has confirmed that an appeal has already been filed against Justice Actie’s ruling and expressed the view that it is premature for the other side to celebrate victory at this stage.

“I would strongly suggest to the other side to stay their hand, and allow the appeal court to take its course because we have two (2) more rounds to go…the Court of Appeal and the Privy Council.

“So, the journey has just started… and we as professional attorneys know that we do not celebrate too early; we wait until the final judicial process.”

Attorney Dylan Charles expressed confidence in his legal team’s position and did not share Sylvester’s views.

“I don’t think we are jumping the gun today at all. I welcome the appeal… but I don’t see how they gonna work their way around it…” he stated in response to a question posed by THE NEW TODAY.

The incident, which stirred outrage and raised concerns about the safety and security of individuals during public events, involved a physical altercation captured in a video that circulated widely on social media.

The video shows the celebrated javelin champion being thrown overboard during a brawl on the party boat.

Police investigations had led to the arrest of five (5) crew members, but charges were pursued against only four of them, who later pleaded guilty to harm and grievous harm offenses against the Peters brothers.

Each of the four (4) men were fined EC$5,500, with the option to pay immediately or face a prison sentence of one (1) year and six (6) months.

The sporting icon and his brother are seeking monetary compensation for injuries sustained during a physical altercation with crew members onboard the ship, while it was docked on the Carenage in St. George’s on August 10, 2022.

The Harbour Master was then owned by Trinidadian businessman Adrian Scoon, son of Trinidadian Parliamentarian Paula Gopee-Scoon, who was able to secure its release on September 7, 2022, by posting a US$300k security bond.

The outcome of this case could set important precedents, shaping the landscape of legal protections and accountability in the realm of maritime law.

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