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Peter David included in NNP delegation to visit New York

Peter David – will be on the NNP delegation for the overseas trip

Former Agriculture Minister Peter David has been included in a 4-member delegation selected by the main opposition New National Party (NNP) to travel to New York in July to meet with party members and supporters as part of the organisation’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

The team will be headed by the party’s current Political Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell who lost the Prime Ministership of the country in general elections held two years ago, as well as former Education Minister Emmalin Pierre and ex-Solicitor General Dwight Horsford.

Dr. Mitchell and David have been at loggerheads since the June 2022 defeat of NNP at the polls following which the latter expressed an interest in becoming the new party boss at the next convention.

The former Grenadian leader has delayed the holding of the convention on the grounds that the NNP first needed to be re-organised.

Critics have been accusing Dr. Mitchell of demonstrating dictatorial tendencies in the manner in which he has been refusing to bow to the demands of pro-David supporters for the holding of the long overdue convention.

One political observer told THE NEW TODAY that the inclusion of David in the delegation heading to New York “is nothing but window-dressing” as Dr. Mitchell is known to have accused the former government minister of trying to mash up the party over his ambitions to replace him at the helm of NNP.

Speculation is rife that Dr. Mitchell and his second in command, former Works Minister Gregory Bowen are giving support to Horsford to become the next Political Leader of the party whenever the convention is held.

One NNP insider close to the former Prime Minister said that it will be the Horsford/Pierre team that will get “the blessings” of Mitchell and Bowen to lead the party into the next elections.

She said the aging ex-Prime Minister is finally coming around to the realisation that he will not be able to attract the increasing number of young people to the NNP Camp to return the party to power against Congress and its 46-year old leader, Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

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Horsford is currently serving as Attorney General in Anguilla and is due back home within a matter of weeks to get involved in frontline politics and most likely assume the position of NNP Political Leader.

According to the NNP insider, Dr. Mitchell was very forthright at a meeting of the NNP last week that the Political Leader that he will support at the convention will have a significant role to play in selecting the delegates for the convention.

She labelled the pronouncement of the NNP long-standing leader as one that was intended to “box out” David and his ambitions to gather sufficient delegates to land the position as the next party leader.

She said it is now clear that Dr. Mitchell is side-stepping the role of the NNP General Secretary Roland Bhola to organise the party for the Convention and is seemingly doing the work on its own “to get the desired outcome in his favour.”

The NNP member who is pro-Peter David stated that someone at the recent party meeting raised the issue that the decision was against the spirit of the NNP constitution to which Dr. Mitchell replied that they can take it to court.

There are reports that a pro-David wing in the party have approached a lawyer to look at filing legal papers to get a high court judge to force Dr. Mitchell to set a date for the long overdue convention.

The NNP has won six of the last nine elections in Grenada over the period 1984 to 2022 with Dr. Mitchell leading the party to clean sweep of the polls in 1999, 2013 and 2018.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell has until 2027 to call genera elections.

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