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Over 20 new COVID-19 cases in Grenada with 4 to 6 being police officers

Grenada is moving closer to the 300 figure with Covid-19 cases.

Authoritative sources told THE NEW TODAY that at mid-day Thursday, the count was 24 new positive cases and that number is expected to increase later in the day as more testing was taking place on the island for the virus.

One source said that the 24 confirmed cases bring the total number of persons to test positive on the island to 290, following the record 35 cases registered on Wednesday.

The new cases include four to six members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) which was informed by health officials about the results of tests conducted earlier in the week of officers who Rapid tested positive for the virus.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY on Thursday, head of the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the police force, Superintendent Vannie Curwen said that four of the officers are definitely positive with the virus but he was awaiting the arrival of a team from the Ministry of Health to provide more accurate and definitive data on the situation facing the police force.

He said the team is also coming to Fort George to test the entire staff at police headquarters and at CRD where one of the employees tested positive for Covid-19 as part of their follow-up work.

“It is in excess of four – that’s much I can tell you,” he said.

Earlier in the week, the Police High Command took the decision to send home all members of the Clerical Department after one member was positive on a Rapid test for the virus.

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RGPF recorded its first Covid-19 case a week ago when a female Imani worker on contract with government and attached to the Immigration section at the Gouyave police station tested positive for the virus.

Supt Curwen disclosed that those officers who tested positive from results released today came from CRD, Headquarters, and the police outpost on the St. George’s Port.

He told THE NEW TODAY that the manpower of RGPF has not been seriously affected by the new positive cases and the fact that those persons who worked in close proximity to the affected employees have been asked to go into quarantine.

“Not to a great extent because where we have those cases is more in clerical sector and not so much in the Operational Centre,” he said.

According to the senior police officer, the persons working at Police headquarters and CRD are mainly engaged in administrative duties and the port police are confined to activities on the port itself.

“So it doesn’t affect our operational manpower – when it starts happening in places like Central, Grenville and those police stations – yes. If these people get quarantine in large numbers then we have a problem but for now it is not affecting us negatively,” he added.

Grenada has approximately 290 confirmed Covid-19 cases since the virus made its presence felt on the island in March 2020.

Yesterday’s count was 35 – the most in a single day in the country.