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Opposition leader submits questions

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Mitchell – is seeking answers on the spending of State funds for the 50th anniversary of Independence celebrations

Former Grenada Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell is targeting Finance Minister Dennis Cornwall with a barrage of questions to provide answers to him in Parliament.

Both Mitchell and Cornwall are known to have strained relationship for several years.

THE NEW TODAY was able to get a copy of the Order Paper for a sitting of Parliament in which the questions are listed.

Most of the questions related to the budget allocated by the Congress government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell for the holding of the island’s Golden Jubilee independence celebrations.

Following are the questions submitted to Parliament by Dr. Mitchell who holds the post of Opposition Leader in Parliament:-

(1) What was the actual budget provided to the National Organisation Committee?

(2) Were contracts awarded in keeping with the Public Procurement Act of Grenada? If yes, please provide evidence of the same?

(3) Who designed the “Grenada Turns 50” logo and how much was paid to that service provider?

(4) Who owns the copyright for the official theme song of the 50th Independence Celebration?

(5) How much funds were raised from the sale of Independence paraphernalia to the state of Grenada? Which revenue header in the budget would the funds be categorised?

(6) Were any payments made to members of the Secretariat? If so, please provide the name, position, and the amount paid or to be paid?

(7) Did the Government of Grenada through the National Organising Committee pay or sponsor flights and accommodation for persons in the Diaspora to come home for the independence celebration? If so, please provide a list of the names, destination and the cost associated with accommodation and travel for each individual?

(8) What were the costs paid for marketing and or sponsorships for the celebrations?

(9) How long would the Secretariat remain in existence?

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