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NDC moves ahead with process to select candidates

Attorney-at-law Dickon Mitchell – is the newest political leader in the country

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), headed by attorney-at-law, Dickon Mitchell, has started the process to select candidates to contest the next general election in Grenada.

THE NEW TODAY has obtained a copy of correspondence sent out by the party to all persons who have an interest in being considered as candidates to contest the poll.

Congress has not officially selected any of candidates to contest the 15 constituencies on the island.

Its leader Dickon Mitchell has expressed interest for the St David constituency and party Chairman, Tevin Andrew for the Carriacou & Petite Martinique constituency.

The following guidelines were sent out by the NDC in its search for candidates for the election which political pundits are predicting will be held within the next six months:

“Good night everyone … (an) official call is being made to everyone that wish to express an interest in becoming the candidate for the … constituency branch, these persons have until mid-night of the 22nd to make such expression to the selection committee.


(1)   -Submit your expression of interest to the selection committee.

– Once this is done the selection committee will acknowledge receipt and will forward instruction as to relevant documents you need to submit. i.e CV, voters ID etc.

– Documents will then be reviewed and an online interview scheduled.

Failure to submit relevant documents will result in a discontinuation of the process.

– background checks will then be conducted, polls if necessary.

– recommendation will then be sent to the party leader and branch for review.

– then a selection is made

(2) Documents can be submitted through email

Or by hand to the party headquarter in Mt. Gay.

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NB: Not both methods.

– by email

Name, expression of interest for candidacy of the constituency of _______.

– by hand (in a 8*11 envelope)

  • Name,
  • Expression of interest for candidacy of the constituency of _______.
  • Candidate screening committee
  • Email address

Once delivered (receipt) must be given to you by the office secretary.

Acknowledgement by the screening committee will follow.

(3). Once you pass this initial stage a secured email will be sent where additional documents will be required.

– if you’re not successful you will be contacted and reasons for disapproval with be given.

(4). Interview and screening

An online interview will be conducted with the committee. Here you will express in details your interest. This is also an opportunity for the committee to better understand you.

(5). Duration

This process should be completed in 10 days.

3 days to express interest on 4th day credentials documents should be submitted.

Given that official notice is now given GS (General Secretary) will contact caretakers in every constituency as their role now ceases. These persons are free to express an interest for candidacy for the constituency.

The branch executive will continue to manage the branch.

Any member of the branch executive that wishes to express an interest for candidacy is free to do so, however their role on the executive is temporarily suspended until this process is completed, if they fail to become the candidate they resume in their position on the branch executive.

For further clarity contact GS Learrie Barry @ 404-2949 or

Or chair of the screening committee Sylvester Quarless @535 2433 or

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