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Mother goes live with shocking video of officials taking her newborn away

Mother appeals for help saying she is mentally stable and able to care for her newborn

A hurting mother is appealing for help after her 1-month-old son was reportedly taken away from her by officials of the Child Protection Authority (CPA) accompanied by a team of police officers on Wednesday.

A disturbing video has surfaced on social media showing another woman aggressively taking away a baby from the crying mother, who is calling on Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell to intervene in the matter.

The video went viral after the mother, who refused to hand over the child to the authorities made a Facebook live video of the incident before her phone was violently snatched away from her by one of the officials involved.

The 55-second clip, which has already attracted over 30, 000 views, shows the distressed mother in a sitting position, as she held onto the baby crying for help.

“Oh God, look at people come to fight with me. Help, somebody help me…Oh God,” the woman, who goes by the name “Survival Mason” on Facebook cried out before her baby was forced out of her arms by a woman, whom she described as a “rasta lady from CPA.”

Survival Mason, who appears to have a slight lisp made another Facebook live video moments later, showing damages to her room door, and light abrasions about her body.

“The man with the black tie…he punched me…they burst up my clothes…my nightie, and bra…I was sitting on the bed with my son on me (when) they burst open the door just to come, and fight with me for my baby…” she said.

According to the aggrieved mother, she was discharged from the St. George’s General Hospital on August 3, after receiving treatment for high blood pressure.

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She also claimed that her partner was “deprived” of visits after she gave birth, and that her newborn is in “good health, and strength.”

“How do they expect me to sleep now, tonight, without my son to cuddle and to breastfeed?”

“I need my son back…it’s like nobody wants to turn a listening ear, and hear us out. I am calling on Mr. Dickon, the Prime Minister of Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique…because that is abuse, and it is not right. We would like our son back please. They are doing too much in this system here,” the aggrieved mother contended.

“I am mentally stable. I could see about my son. I love my son,” she affirmed.

The CPA was established by the Child Protection and Adoption Act in 2010, which gives the body the power to address all child protection matters in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Its mission is to deliver effective Child Protection and Adoption service, by a well-trained and qualified staff; in collaboration with all stakeholders.

The CPA has the power to address all child protection matters on the island including adoption and foster care.

Additionally, the CPA provides psycho-social support to victims and perpetrator of child abuse.

The organisation works to ensure all children who are in need of residential services have the right to suitable accommodation, which is properly furnished and maintained to a high standard, equipped with facilities that satisfactorily meet the needs of each child, including those with disabilities.

The Child Protection Authority is also responsible for the monitoring, and licensing of all child care homes.

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