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Marietta Mitchell details “acts of tyranny” allegedly committed against her by former Prime Minister Keith Mitchell

Dr. Keith Mitchell, the former Prime Minister and his wife Marietta Mitchell who is now seeking to divorce him but is complaining to the high court of being subjected to hostile acts to force her out of the family home at Happy Hill

I will not be bullied by the respondent (Keith Mitchell) and /or his agents.

Those were the words used by the embattled Marietta Mitchell who has decided to file divorce proceedings against the former Grenadian leader whom she has accused of engaging in a set of illegal and unlawful acts to evict her from the Matrimonial Home at Happy Hill.

In an affidavit filed in Court and obtained by THE NEW TODAY, Mrs. Mitchell gave graphic details of the alleged “acts of tyranny” that Dr. Mitchell has been engaged in against her since he lost the 2022 general election to Congress leader Dickon Mitchell.

She spoke of him sending in “agents” to try and lock her out of the house and erecting burglar bars to prevent her from gaining access to what she termed “the matrimonial house” that was built around 1989 and the place she called home.

The estranged wife told the court that she often had to call their son, to help remove the locks that he changed whenever she left the island to visit New York to take care of the business related to their rental apartment block on Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn.

According to Mrs. Mitchell, after the marriage broke down, the two decided to settle a number of assets including the apartment building, believed to be worth in excess of US$5 million, as well as Mt. Helicon on Lucas Street which was once used by the New National Party (NNP) as its party headquarters.

Another building that was settled between Dr. Mitchell and his wife is located at the entrance of H.A Blaize Street that once housed the law office of late female attorney-at-law Vanescia Francis-Banfield.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY has decided to reproduce in full the Affidavit filed by Mrs. Marietta Mitchell in which she detailed the several alleged “acts of Tyranny” perpetuated against her by Grenada’s longest serving Prime Minister.

Marietta Mitchell of Happy Hill in the Parish of Saint George and State of Grenada, retired businesswoman, make oath and say as follows: –

(1). I am the Petitioner herein.

(2). I make this affidavit in support of my application for an order that the Respondent and/or his agents be restrained by this Honourable Court from interfering and/or disturbing my occupation of the matrimonial home situate at Happy Hill, St. George’s until the final determination of the ancillary relief proceedings of this suit.

(3). The Respondent and I got married on the 22nd day of June 1974, which is approximately 48 years ago, a copy of our marriage certificate is exhibited herewith as “MM1”.

(4). The Respondent and I started occupation of the matrimonial home since 1989 after we got married.  As time passed, we experienced marital problems and decided to live separate and apart from each from in or about 2015.

(5). Due to the contentious behaviour of the Respondent I now have to file divorce proceedings and thereafter ancillary proceedings to determine our respective interest in the Happy Hill property.

(6). The Respondent being the former Prime Minister of Grenada resided at the Government House situate at San Souci, St. George’s throughout the duration of his term, as Prime Minister, for many years and in Victoria, St. Mark’s periodically.

(7). While I continued to reside and occupy the Happy Hill Property, that being the matrimonial home, I frequently travelled to New York to manage our matrimonial assets we have acquired in the United States.

 (8). The Respondent and I, with the assistance of our respective Attorneys have agreed to the separation of specific assets amicably in Grenada and out of the jurisdiction.  However, we have not determined the interest of the said matrimonial home.

(9). The Respondent suddenly after his defeat in the Grenada 2022 General Elections have embarked on a multiplicity of acts to interfere and/or disturb my occupation of the said matrimonial home before the resolution of ancillary relief proceedings and/or an agreement determining the interest thereof.

 (10). I was served a letter dated the 27th day of July, 2022 from the Respondent’s Attorney, Kim George and Associates on Behalf of the Respondent effectively demanding me vacate the said matrimonial home approximately30 days from the date of the letter, a copy of the letter is exhibited and marked “MM2”.

(11). I was advised by my Attorney-at-law, Mr. Deloni Edwards and asserted my right not to vacate, the said matrimonial home that I resided in since 1989.

(12). The following week the Respondent sent labourers to the said matrimonial home to conduct construction to the lower floors of the said home.  The labourers disturbed my quiet enjoyment of the Matrimonial Property. They were further instructed by the Respondent to enter the interior of the upstairs portion of the said property where I occupied.

(13). By way of letter dated the 15th day of September, 2022, I instructed my Attorney-at-law, Mr. Deloni Edwards to highlight all grievances at the material time with regards to the matrimonial home and to put the Respondent on notice that I do not intend to vacate as he demanded. I further emphasized that if he continued with his acts of tyranny I would seek the relief of this Honourable Court to restrain him and/or his agents. A copy of the said letter is attached hereto and marked MM3.

(14). As I stated before my personal valuable belongings are within the four walls of the said matrimonial home.  If my valuables are stolen by the Respondent’s agent, is he willing to compensate me for them?

(15). When I travelled to New York to conduct business and manage our property in the United States, the Respondent proceeded to have the locks changed to the doors to enter the upper floor of the matrimonial home.

(16). By way of letter dated the 6th day of October, 2022, the Respondent replied to my letter through his Attorney, insinuating that I do not have a right to occupy the matrimonial home and even falsely asserted that my personal belongings were removed by me.

The Respondent further asserted that I left the matrimonial house unsecured and because I travelled meant I acceded to his requestA copy of the said letter is attached hereto and marked MM4.

(17). It is quite unfortunate that we are now at an impasse and every time I travel the Respondent has to commit some unlawful act to prevent me access from the Matrimonial home. I keep wondering why he doesn’t attempt to do these unlawful acts while I am in Grenada.

(18). I was advised by my Attorney-at-law, Mr. Deloni Edwards, at the material time to instruct my son, Olinga to change the locks to gain access and once again assert my right to occupy the said matrimonial home.

(19). I returned to Grenada on the 13th day of October, 2022 and the only way to gain access to the property was after I changed the locks again and notified the Respondent a key is readily available for collection.

(20). I find it beyond reasonable that the Respondent would attempt to prevent me access to the matrimonial home knowing that he hardly visits the same.

(21). Once again I travelled to New-York to deal with an emergency with the property in the United States.  The Respondent and/or his agent changed the locks and then constructed burglar bars to the windows and doors of the upper floor of the said matrimonial home. A copy of photographs illustrating the burglar bars on the window and door are attached hereto and marked MM5.

(22). Our son Olinga had to change the two locks once again for me to gain access to the property for me to occupy same on my return to Grenada in December, 2022.  A copy of the photographs illustrating the locks changed are attached hereto and marked MM6.

(23). I have spent the entire December, 2022 in Grenada residing in the matrimonial home and as I feared, as soon as I travelled again, the Respondent changed the locks again and (he) continued to interfere and/or disturb my occupation of the matrimonial home.

(24). By way of letter dated the 28th day of April, 2023, I instructed my Attorney-at-law, Mr. Deloni Edwards, to write to the Respondent’s lawyer to request of the Respondent that he refrain from changing the locks to the matrimonial home. A copy of the said letter is attached hereto and marked MM7.

(25). By way of letter dated the 28th day of April, 2023, the Respondent’s Attorney-at-law, Ms. Kim George, failed to address our client’s main concern of the changing of the locks.  A copy of the said letter is attached hereto and marked MM8.

(26). By way of letter dated the 28th day of April, 2023, I instructed my Attorney-at-law, Mr. Deloni Edwards, to respond and again request what it is the Respondent’s position with regards to the matrimonial home, copy of the said letter is attached hereto and marked MM9.

There has been no response from the Respondent’s Attorney-at-Law with regards to the Respondent’s position.

(27). I recently returned from New York to Grenada on the 8th day of September, 2023, to discover that the Respondent changed the locks to the doors to the matrimonial home once again.  This cannot continue.

(28). I do not know what he is capable of on the next occasion I travel and I am fearful this will not stop until he is satisfied I am completely out of the matrimonial home, I will not be bullied by the Respondent and /or his agents.

(29). We have no choice but to make this application to this Honourable Court since the Respondent has indicated to me that the Matrimonial house is his and I must vacate.

(30). I refuse to give up and depend heavily on the powers of this Honourable Court to forcefully order the Respondent to restrain himself and/or his agents from interfering with my occupation of the matrimonial home until Ancillary relief proceedings are determined.

The Respondent is aware I have no alternative accommodations within the Jurisdiction of Grenada unless the Respondent wants me to reside with our son and his new wife in their Apartment.

 (31). I pray my application is granted as prayed by this Honourable Court and costs of the application.

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