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Lawyer seeking $250, 000.00 compensation for client over wrongful arrest act by policeman

Attorney Anselm Clouden – not happy with being ignored by the Attorney General

Grenadian attorney-at-law Anselm Clouden is seeking $250, 000.00 in compensation from the State for the unlawful imprisonment of his client.

THE NEW TODAY has been able to obtain a copy of the letter written by Clouden to Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs Senator Claudette Joseph about the September 5 incident involving Akimo Romain who is the brother of Orlando Romain, a top advisor in the 14-month old Congress government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

The attorney has expressed concern with the fact that more than one month after the incident the senior government minister is yet to respond to his letter concerning an abuse of power by a member of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

Romain, an adjunct lecturer at the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) was pulled from a line at Andall’s Deli on Parade by a Police Officer and taken to the St Paul’s Police station whereupon it was discovered that the lawmen had arrested the wrong person.

As a pubic service, THE NEW TODAY reproduces in full the Clouden letter to AG Claudette Joseph seeking substantial compensation for Romain.

September 20th, 2023

Senator the Honourable
Claudette Joseph
Attorney General of Grenada
Attorney General’s Chambers
H.A. Blaize Street
St. George’s

Dear Attorney General,

Re: Akimo Romain – resident of St. Paul’s, St George’s

We represent Mr. Akimo Romain, a young man, approximately 27 years old, the holder of B.A. (Hons.) in History and International Relations from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

He is an adjunct lecturer at the T.A. Marryshow Community College, he also taught at the Grenada Boys Secondary School and Westmorland Secondary School for short periods.

That on or about the 5th September 2023, Mr. Romain and his father, Hugh Romain and his mother were parked in vehicle PAB 502 at the Andall Supermarket premises situate at St. Paul’s when our client was in line at the Deli, whereupon a police vehicle sped into the yard and two Police Officers disembarked from the vehicle and violently attacked Mr. Romain without first identifying themselves and proceeded to physically abuse him by scrooching up on both sides of his pants, took him into the police vehicle and carried him into the St. Paul’s Police Station where he was falsely imprisoned for some considerable period of time.

While inside the Police Station at St. Paul’s it was discovered that the Police had arrested and imprisoned the wrong person. Corporal Johnson spoke to one of the arresting officers who had apprehended our client, one Williams and another one Stafford; Corporal Johnson advised the officers that they have arrested the wrong person. Corporal Johnson spoke to our client and advised him that it was a matter of “false and/or mistaken identify”.

By this time, our client’s parents had arrived including his brother, Orlando Romain, and they were hurriedly taken into a room by Corporal Johnson along with our client whereupon Corporal Johnson said to them all that he would take full responsibility for what happened today, “It was a mistake.”

We have succinctly outlined the factual matric of the circumstances; now having regard to our client’s position as aforesaid, and the gravity of the conduct displayed by members of the Royal Grenada Police Force against our client in a public place to the viewing of the General Public; the extent of the distress and embarrassment caused to him, is unimaginable.

His integrity as a professional has been seriously injured as a result of the physical abuse meted out to him in public; indeed, he was treated as a common criminal.

As a consequence, our client feels entitled to substantial compensation as well as an apology for the unlawful assault on his person, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.

We have given anxious consideration to a fair compensatory package in the vicinity of $250,000.00 for the violation of his constitutional rights to liberty and the security of his person, in addition to the psychological distress that he continues to experience as a consequence of the State’s unlawful acts.

Failing to receive a satisfactory reply within the next 14 days, our instructions are to proceed to Court.

Thanking you for your courtesy and co-operation.

With kind regards


cc Akimo Romain

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