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Keith Mitchell meets with Tobias Clement

Dr. Keith Mitchell (l) – is prepared to bury the hatchet; Tobias Clement (r) – accepted the invitation to meet with his former boss

Details are beginning to emerge about secret talks held by former Grenada Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and his former colleague Tobias Clement who resigned from the New National Party (NNP) in 2019 to become the island’s Opposition Leader in Parliament.

A high-level source told THE NEW TODAY that the meeting was initiated by Dr. Mitchell himself and not the former St George North-east representative who did not contest the 2022 general election.

He said the move is part of a plan by the Political Leader of the NNP to bring together under one banner persons who are not supportive of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

He noted that over the years, Dr. Mitchell had built up a reputation of being able to discard party members when in power but enticing them to come back on board as part of his mantra of “all hands on deck” to keep the NNP in power.

According to the official, the talks did not focus on whether Clement might return to the NNP fold after he resigned and accused Dr. Mitchell of demonstrating dictatorial tendencies.

“What I hear is that those people who support Tobbie encouraged him to go and meet with Dr. Mitchell to hear what he has to say and Tobbie just did that,” he said.

“Tobbie did not give the man any commitment in the meeting – he mainly listened to hear what the Doc (Keith Mitchell) had to say. This is what his people encouraged him to do,” he added.

In a blazing attack on Dr. Mitchell as Prime Minister, Clement had pointed to the manner in which the NNP boss took control of the budgetary allocation for Members of Parliament by removing it from under the control of Parliament and placing it in the Office of the Prime Minister.

The source said that a return to the NNP by Clement is definitely not on “the card” at the moment given the fall-out with the former Prime Minister.

He dropped hints that the former Opposition Leader will insist on some “written document” from the NNP in order to be associated with the party once again in going forward.

After he resigned from NNP, Clement is known to have been engaged in talks with current Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell on the possibility of running on the NDC ticket in St George North-east for the last general election.

However, the Congress leader aborted the talks after Clement allegedly broke an agreement between the two not to engage in public discourse on the issue.

THE NEW TODAY understands that PM Dickon Mitchell had requested of Clement to give him time to impress upon the NDC Executive the need to bring Clement on board in light of strong opposition to any relationship with him.

Within 48-hours of the discussions, Clement was making public utterances about the talks between the two.

Six months after the election, PM Dickon Mitchell said that after the behaviour of the former Opposition Leader, he concluded that there was no need for any further discussion between the two on the issue of an association for the general election.

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