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Incompetence in the Ministry of Labour

Employees at the Ministry of Labour have apparently been found wanting in their handling of a work permit application made by a Trinidad-born eye specialist Dr. David Maharaja to recruit a skilled non-national for his business in the south of the island.

Dr. Maharaj has been complaining for some time now about the poor treatment being received by the ministry which is under the watch of Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General Senator Claudette Joseph.

He spoke of running into problems with his effort to seek a work permit for a specialist in light of the fact that Grenada has no one on island with the expertise.

THE NEW TODAY has seen correspondence which seems to suggest that the relevant employees in the Department of Labour have been tardy with handling the issue.

As a public service, the paper reproduces in full the copy of a letter sent by Dr. Maharaj to the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Labour on the bungling of his work permit application.

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