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Husbands: NAWASA in good financial standings

Christopher Husbands – will be leaving Nawasa in a few weeks

Outgoing General Manager of the state-owned National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), Christopher Husbands has said that he is leaving the statutory body in “good financial standing” as he prepares to demit office in October.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY, Husbands said that NAWASA has been able to use its own financial resources to implement a number of capital projects on the island.

“We are implementing a number of projects on our own – separate and apart from the externally funded projects. Every year we do about $15 million of internally funded projects throughout the island,” he said.

According to Husbands, Grenadians are hearing about multi-million dollar projects to be funded by the British government and from Germany but there are other projects that are taking place.

“We have a consistent amount of capital (projects) that we do every year and that’s from internally-generated funds,” he said.

Husbands disclosed that the major issue confronting Nawasa at the moment is maintaining the island’s water system as it is considered as very old and antiquated.

“It isn’t an easy task – a lot of the infrastructure is old – in many cases it has not been upgraded to meet the demands of specific areas so we are doing it bit by bit,” he said.

The outgoing General Manager has repeatedly stressed that he was not being pushed out from the position but that he had received a good offer to become a Consultant from an overseas organisation and agreed to the change in profession.

Husbands is known to have had some disagreements on the way forward for the state-body with a section of the new Board of Directors under the one-year old Congress government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

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