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Henry Killed in hit and run

Elvis Henry - was killed in Hit-and-Run Accident on Sunday

A 47-year-old father of three (3) has been tragically killed in a hit-and-run accident on Sunday along the Maurice Bishop Highway.

Dead is Mental Health patient Elvis Henry, and former executive chef, who resided at Kafebeau Hill, St. George.

The incident occurred just after midnight when Henry, reportedly experiencing a schizophrenic episode, wandered unclothed onto the highway.

The deceased, who has been described by many as a “good person who loved his children” had been diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago, and was receiving regular treatment at the Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital.

Several residents of the area alleged that a police vehicle struck Henry and fled the scene.

However, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) have since denied these allegations.

Henry’s tragic demise has also highlighted issues surrounding mental health care protocols.

Mental Health Minister Delma Thomas has since expressed condolences to the family of the deceased.

Thomas, who previously served as Social Development Minister in the former New National Party (NNP) administration, recently launched “A Healthy Mind is a Wealthy Mind” campaign, which aims to educate, and refresh first responders including nurses and police on handling and communicating effectively with mental health patients.

She outlined plans to commence “mental health training for faith-based organisations next week Tuesday during a sitting of the Lower House of Parliament.

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“Mr. Speaker, as a ministry we continue to work on Mental Health and Wellness, and we continue to work with the faith-based organisations, understanding that they have a role in assisting us as we strive to deal differently with the issue of Mental Health and Wellness in Grenada,” said the Mental Health Minister.

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