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GUT Credit Union tight-lipped about COVID-19 case

President of the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) Credit Union, Joslyn La Touche has remained tight-lipped on reports circulating on Social Media that the financial institution was forced to close its door this week over a suspected Covid-19 case among one of its staffers.

THE NEW TODAY contacted La Touche early Wednesday morning and she said it was an issue that she would prefer not to address.

“I don’t know how this could make news. I don’t want to disclose much to the newspaper. I don’t feel comfortable giving you any information now,” she said.

Customers who showed up at the GUT Credit Union office on Grenville Street, St. George on Monday morning to transact business reported that they saw a sign on the door indicating that it was closed for business to the public without giving any explanation.

Asked why the GUT Credit union closed its doors to the public, La Touche said, “I prefer not to give you any information on that. Thanks for reaching out but I don’t feel comfortable sharing (any information).”

Social Media was flooded with reports that a female staffer at the Credit Union had tested positive for the virus.

According to one report, the staffer lives in the St. George area and her boyfriend also tested positive for Covid.

The two are said to be the parents of a 4-month old baby.

The GUT Credit Union President did not respond to questions on how long the financial institution had closed its doors to the public but said that it will re-open its doors from today.

This development at GUT Credit Union comes amidst concerns from some persons who have money in the organisation that they are unable to access their funds.

THE NEW TODAY was also unable to reach the newly installed General Manager of the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA), Franklyn Redhead following reports that a section of the port was forced to close due to another suspected Covid-19 case on the island.

There are also suspected cases of Covid-19 among nurses on the island.

Grenada is facing a Covid-19 crisis following a sharp increase in the number of persons affected by the deadly virus within the past week.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has confirmed its first case over the weekend and is currently awaiting PCR test results on at least four officers who are showing symptoms of Covid-19.

RGPF on Monday closed down its entire Clerical Department after a government employee on contract with the force as an Imani Rapid tested positive for the virus.

Grenada currently has recorded 230 Covid-19 positive cases since the virus showed up on its shores in March 2020.

Health officials are reluctant to declare that there is community spread of the virus and continue to use the term “a cluster”.

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