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Gunmen rob Hope supermarket

Armed gunmen staged a robbery tonight at Mahon’s Supermarket in Hope in the St Andrew South-east constituency.

Sources told THE NEW TODAY that the robbers entered the supermarket and pulled out their weapons on employees on duty.

According to one source, the armed gunmen after staging the robbery left the scene in two vehicles – one was described as a Silver Rav-4 and the other vehicle was not known.

Eyewitnesses were not able to see the registration numbers of the two vehicles as they sped away but a civilian soon gave chase but was fired upon by the gunmen.

The source said that the gunmen realised that they were being followed, stopped their vehicles and fired a few rounds at the civilian in his motor vehicle.

He said that the civilian was forced to stop his vehicle near a barbershop in Hope in order to avoid being hit by the bullets fired by the gunmen.

The Grenville Police Station was alerted to the robbery at the supermarket, located near to the entrance of Hope City and dispatched a team of officers to the scene.

Police investigations are continuing into the robbery at Hope.

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