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G’da getting “expressions of technical and monetary support” following devastation of Beryl

Dickon Mitchell - Prime Minister & Minister for National Security and Disaster Management

Grenada is still to put a figure on the financial losses suffered to the northern part of the island, as well as the sister isles of Carriacou & Petite Martinique in particular as the killer Hurricane Beryl struck the island Monday.

In giving an update to the nation Wednesday night, Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell said that expressions of technical and monetary support have been made to the island from many regional and international sources.

The Grenadian leader warned nationals that this is going to be a very expensive restoration rebuilding effort to tackle the situation at hand and will definitely have a significant impact on the island’s economy as well as the government’s fiscal situation.

He stressed that in the case of Carriacou which saw about 98 percent of its housing stock destroyed, the government has no choice but to make sure that “we are going to have to rebuild from the ground up literally.”

He said it will have to be done in a manner that will be more resilient to withstand what is now becoming the norm coming to be more and more of seeing more powerful monster storms and hurricanes.

PM Dickon Mitchell disclosed that NadMA and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and other key ministries are currently mobilising “to bring enormous resources” to Carriacou in order to restart the reconstruction process.

Stating that the airport terminal at Lauriston is completely gutted, the Prime Minister announced that the priority is to put a temporary roof on the facility to ensure that the airport can function not only for accepting relief supplies but also as a normal airport itself.

He said the telecommunication system at the small airport is completely down and that any aircraft flying into Carriacou is doing so without communicating with the tower.

“It is relying on the pilot’s experience and skill,” he remarked.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell is hopeful that the situation will be addressed in the coming weeks in order to have the telecommunications system back up and functioning.

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The 46-year old Grenadian leader indicated that his two year old administration would place emphasis on tackling some major state infrastructure work like putting back a temporary roof on the police station on the sister isle to allow the police to be in a position to provide for “the safety and security” of Carriacou.

“We will be focusing on the hospital and health care services, as well as the large schools that are damaged so that we could at least put temporary roofs over them,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister this is necessary as the small island will face a serious and major housing challenge and the government will have to provide shelters for a prolonged period for those persons affected by the passage of the hurricane.

He said that priority will be given to schools and church buildings in order to accommodate the affected people.

In addition, the government will be focusing on tarpaulin distribution due to the large number of homes without roofs.

The Prime Minister also spoke of the need for the island to get generators for both commercial and household use in light of the fact that the power grill of the lone electricity company on the sister isle is out.

This work, he said, is currently being affected as Grenlec crews on the mainland are trying to complete the restoration of electricity on those parts of the mainland that are still without power, especially those villages in the interior of St John’s, St. Mark’s, St Patrick’s and St Andrew’s.

PM Dickon Mitchell told Grenadians that construction workers will be sent to Carriacou from the mainland on a temporary basis to help with the erection of temporary roofs and to conduct minor repair works to make some of the facilities that survived the onslaught of Beryl to become more functional.

He also announced that a comprehensive management disaster plan will be worked upon for Carriacou by key government ministries in conjunction with the Ministry of Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs.

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