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Female employee allegedly “steals” money at ARIZA Credit Union

The head office of ARIZA Credit Union where money was allegedly stolen by an employee

One of Grenada’s leading Credit Unions, ARIZA is tight-lipped over reports that an employee has stolen thousands of dollars “in an inside job”.

THE NEW TODAY contacted Manager Lucia Andall on Wednesday morning and she declined to comment on the issue of the alleged theft of funds by a female employee.

According to Andall, she did not wish to comment on something that was considered “an internal issue” by Ariza, which is located at the Bruce Street mall in the heart of the city.

She also did not answer questions about whether the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) had been called in to investigate the “missing money”.

Andall also ducked the question of whether the Board of Directors of Ariza had been notified about the issue.

Following are excerpts from the list of questions, which THE NEW TODAY posed to Andall on the issue of the alleged theft of funds belonging to Ariza’s members by an employee:

NEW TODAY: Is it true that money has been stolen?

Lucia Andall: I cannot discuss the Credit Union’s internal affairs with you so am not commenting on anything that you just said. I don’t know.

NEW TODAY: So you don’t know if money is missing?

Lucia Andall: No, I am listening to you and am not commenting.

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NEW TODAY: Has the matter been referred to the police?

Lucia Andall: I have no comment.

NEW TODAY: Is the Board of Directors aware of what has happened?

Lucia Andall: Having said no comment then I have no comment about anything that you are going to ask me.

NEW TODAY: So everything I ask you is no comment?

Lucia Andall: Whatever internally happens in the Credit Union is an internal matter until if anything happens and it becomes public then it is public. An internal matter is not a matter for discussion to the public. That is my response.

NEW TODAY: Ok Ms. Andall, I hear you loud and clear but I can assure you that we will be doing a story on the issue.

Lucia Andall: Have a good day.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the Board of Directors has been notified about the alleged theft of the money and an internal investigation is currently underway to look into the episode.

The suspect is said to be no longer on the job.

A senior employee at ARIZA confided in THE NEW TODAY that the credit union failed to conduct any due diligence background check on the female employee who had a financial run-in with a past employer.

Speculation is rife that the missing funds could be well over EC$100, 000.00.

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