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Family of former Prime Minister George Brizan upset with PM Keith Mitchell

Prime Minister Mitchell – has upset the Brizan family members

The Family members of late Prime Minister and main Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Ignatius Brizan is making a public appeal to current Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell to refrain from using his good name on the platform of the New National Party (NNP) in the current election campaign.

The Brizan family is deeply offended and upset by the frequent calling of his name by Prime Minister Mitchell to criticise the new leaders of the Congress party.

The Brizans’ are supportive of the NDC Team, led by the current Political Leader Dickon Mitchell and their advocacy for Agro-processing which was something that was always championed by the late George Brizan to help with the development of the Tri-island State of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The widow of the late Prime Minister and NDC Founder, Mrs. Jean Brizan accepted and participated in a recent function hosted by Mr. Dickon Mitchell in which he recognised the Elders of the party.

The Family is now shocked at the attempt by the Prime Minister to drag George Brizan into the 2022 election campaign after vilifying his name over the years with the successful Structural Adjustment Programme that the 1990-95 NDC Government was forced to implement due to reckless borrowing and spending of the 1984-90 NNP Government in which Dr. Mitchell served as Minister of Works.

The current Prime Minister stated falsely that the 1990-95 NDC government involving George Brizan had set back the country for 15 years while the International Monetary Fund (IMF) praised the administration for its successful execution of the Structural Adjustment Programme which secured over 100 million dollars which Dr. Mitchell inherited following his victory at the polls in June 1995.

Can Dr. Mitchell refute the following that was pronounced by the IMF on the handling of the economy by the NDC government of Sir Nicholas Brathwaite and George Brizan:

“Grenada’s three (3) year “homemade” Structural Adjustment Program was an unqualified success. Grenada received over $100 M in concessionary aid and a restoration of credit worthiness, which was lost in 1990.

On December 29, 1993, the IMF conducted an Article IV consultation on Grenada’s economy.  On January 3, 1994, it wrote:

“After deteriorating markedly in 1986-1990, Grenada’s public finances improved in 1991-1993, mainly in reflection of the turnaround in the Central Government’s performance.  The public sector overall balances shifted from deficit equivalent to 9% of G.D.P. in 1990, to a surplus of 3 ½% of G.D.P. in 1993”.

This was 12 ½% of G.D.P. improvement in Central Government finance during the period 1991-1993; inclusive.

On June 8, 1994 , the World Bank wrote:

“The Government should be congratulated for the economic progress and for enhancing the country’s credit worthiness”.

In 1992 and 1993, the Government took some difficult policy decisions and succeeded in establishing a track record of sound economic management as discussed two years ago. In light of the progress achieved during the past two years and its proposed program for the next three years, Grenada will again be eligible to receive IDA/WB lending through C.D.B vie and various regional projects under preparation.

The restoration of credit worthiness by mid-1994, for Grenada was a major financial and economic achievement and it laid the foundation for many future economic developments.

Data from E.C.C.B. in January 1994 showed that Grenada achieved a balance of payments surplus of $22M in 1992 and $8M in 1993.

At its February 4, 1994 meeting of the Executive Board of the I.M.F on Grenada, the Board concluded, “All executive Board members were positive about the direction of Grenada’s fiscal policy that was center of discussion”.

The Board further wrote:-

“The foregoing information provided clear and convincing evidence of the restoration of international confidence and credit worthiness to Grenada under the current administration”.

This was remarkable achievement in three years at that point.

As a result of the success of Grenada’s Structural Adjustment Program, Grenada qualified for and received over EC$100M worth of concessionary loans from the World Bank through C.D.B. viz.

These included:

  • The French Government provided $6M funding for the Bailles Bacolet Water Development
  • $1M, for the Grand Etang Water Development and
  • $6M for the development of Lauriston Airport, Carriacou (1991-95).
  • The Canadian Government Development Center Financed
  • $1.6M Handicraft Centre at Lagoon Road
  • $1.6M Tourist Welcome Centre at Burns Point
  • $1.2M Tourist Vendors’ Market in Grand Anse.
  • The Caribbean Development Bank Provided $13M soft loan to finance a $17M Agricultural Feeder Road Programme.
  • The British Government provided funding for the expansion of the Grand Roy and Concord Water Development Programme.
  • The Japanese Government provided over $13M for a modern Fish Procession Plant at Grand Mal.
  • The Government of Kuwait provided $23M for the Western Main Road and Sea Defense, the first time Kuwait Development fund came to the Caribbean. That contract was made in 1990, by George Brizan with the Ministry of Finance Kuwait in Washington. It was delayed because of the Gulf War and Desert Storm. The O.P.E.C fund added a further $5.4M in 1994.
  • The European Development Fund (E.D.F) gave a Grant of $6.5M in 1993, in the form of a structural adjustment grant and a further$6M in late 1993, for Agricultural farm roads rehabilitation.

Additionally, Grenada received a bonus of $6.5M for being the best performer for administration, accountability and performance under its Lome’ IV program in 1992, 1993 and 1994.

Grenada topped the list among the 70 A.C.P. African, Caribbean Pacific members under Lome ‘IV. Grenada topped the list for three consecutive years 1992/1993/1994.

The World Bank through C.C.B vi provided the following concessionary loans:

  • An I.D.A/I.B.R.D. very soft loan for millions of dollars for education under the OECS Education Reform Program – for the Westerhall Secondary School: Vincennes R.C School, Gouyave R. C School; Secondary School rehabilitation (SASSetc); a new Ministry of Education building; scholarships for Education Officers etc.
  • About $13M for Solid Waste Management at Perseverance.
  • $21.8M for the development of the Maurice Bishop Highway from Point Salines Airport to Burns point on the Carenage.  The rate of interest of this development money was 1 ¼% and 2 ½%.
  • The rehabilitation of the Eastern Main Road from Hope in St. Andrew’s to Belle Vue in St. David’s.
  • The rehabilitation of the Western Main Road from Perseverance in St. George’s to Gouyave in St. John’s.  This rehabilitation included drainage and sea defense.

These are some of the benefits Grenada enjoyed as a result of the success of its ‘Home Grown’ Structural Adjustment Programme.

The current Prime Minister is fully aware of these benefits that came to Grenada as a result of the performance of the 1990-95 NDC Government.

The Brizan Family wishes that Dr. Mitchell will desist from dragging the name of the late George Ignatius Brizan into his political campaign speeches as he seeks the support of the electorate for another term in office.

Please allow his soul to Rest in Peace!!!

(The above was submitted by the family of the late Prime Minister George Brizan)

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