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Executed man at Egmont linked to cocaine

Delvon Thomas – shot dead at Egmont

Grenada police have made a startling discovery that linked 30-year old Delvon Thomas who was executed on Carnival Monday to the illegal drug trade.

THE NEW TODAY understands that a search of his phone by members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) stumbled on information that he had 5 kilos of cocaine in his possession.

Thomas died on the spot at the residence of Linton Wharwood at Egmont after being shot in the head by a masked gunman.

A source who saw the Videotape taken from the residence also showed that Thomas was seen giving the “thumbs up” to the armed gunman when he entered the compound of Wharwood who was also shot in the attack.

A second masked gunman was located in nearby bushes to the left of the luxury home on a slope in the well-to-do area.

The police insider told THE NEW TODAY it is clear that Thomas knew the gunman who was part of the two-man team of “professional killers” allegedly dispatched from neighbouring Trinidad & Tobago by Underworld Figures to carry out an execution in Grenada.

Thomas is the brother of Sherrida Wharwood, the wife of the homeowner.

The couple were living in Brooklyn in the United States and had been running an entertainment business.

A report carried in the Trinidad & Tobago Express newspaper indicated that the operation in Grenada was ordered by a jailed Gang Leader in Trinidad against a rival leader who is now living in Europe but was in the Spice Isle apparently for the Grenada carnival activities.

The article in the Express said that the imprisoned Gang Leader had obtained information that his rival was visiting Wharwood’s home and decided to dispatch two of his trusted “Hit Men” to Grenada to carry out the execution.

The police insider stated that the video footage about Thomas’ role led members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to conclude that the attack on Wharwood’s home was linked to a family feud and that someone wanted to take him out.

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He also said that CID investigators were puzzled after speaking to the homeowner who also received a gunshot wound in his upper arm and had insisted to law enforcement officials that a family member who was under suspicion was not involved in the sinister act carried out against him.

According to the police insider, the video footage showed Thomas pointing out several things to the masked gunman as the two of them surveyed the property.

There are unconfirmed reports that the armed masked man was in the bush when Wharwood came out of the house, went to his vehicle apparently for something and soon went back inside the building.

Thomas also went into the house and shortly afterwards was coming down the stairways with Wharwood who had allegedly changed his top clothing when the gunman opened fire.

The police insider said that the first bullet that was fired by the Hit Man missed the homeowner but slammed into Thomas who was walking down the stairways just behind his brother-in-law.

He fell dead onto the ground.

He also said that police retrieved the phone of the dead man and discovered from it that he was involved in the illegal drug trade and claimed to have in his possession 5 kilos of cocaine.

According to the police insider, no information was extracted from the phone to lead the lawmen to the recovery of the cocaine.

The controversial Thomas is known to have been living in the United States but reportedly fled back to his homeland after allegedly engaging in some illegal activities.

After the fatal shooting and review of the video footage, CID officers turned their attention to the sister isle of Carriacou to pick up information on the activities of Thomas especially at his workplace at a Marina in Harvey Vale.

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