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Ex-Driver of government minister defects to Congress

Anthony “Ejah” Regis – is now giving support to NDC

His name is Anthony “Ejah” Regis from La Tante, St David.

He was once considered as a major player for the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell in the Constituency of St. David.

Regis was employed officially as the Personal Security and Driver for Foreign Affairs Minister Oliver Joseph, the man who represented the parish in the last two terms in the elected Lower House of Parliament.

Ejah, the former Public Relations Officer (PRO) of NNP in St David, is now giving strong support to the newly elected Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dickon Mitchell who is contesting the St David seat in the June 23 election against Minister Joseph.

The political activist showed up Sunday night at a Town Hall meeting of Congress held in La Tante to mark the opening of its sub-office in the constituency for Dickon Mitchell.

Ejah took to the platform to launch a blistering attack on the NNP and urged the gathering against seeing them as the party that is being promoted as for “the poor” people in the country.

Referring to himself as “the frontline man” in the constituency for NNP, he ripped into the ruling party for the manner in which he was treated after discovering that he was being short-changed in a government job that he landed.

According to Ejah, he was employed as a Security Officer at the Youth Centre at Morne Rouge in the south of the island under the Ministry of Sports, Youth and Empowerment and eventually discovered that they were “robbing me” $1380.90 from 2014 up to 2020.

He said: “I came to the Honourable Minister (Oliver Joseph) who I take care of in his home, myself and my wife, relate to him, (we) bring the evidence which he read and then when I was expecting him to say to me that he would try to fix the situation, he said to me if he help me with that he has to help many other persons.

That was Oliver Joseph’s word to me. That was the hardest night’s rest I ever had with my wife. I couldn’t sleep because the whole night my wife was up cussing, fussing, pinching me and doing all sorts of wrong things to me because she knew how I laboured for that party.”

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Ejah urged the NDC supporters who now see him coming around their party to “embrace me” and not treat him as an enemy.

“I came into this party with my full heart – I don’t want to even drink a stag (a beer sold in a green bottle which is the colour of NNP) again,” he quipped.

According to Regis, he went to see the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Norman Gilbert to discuss the monetary issue.

He said: “Norman Gilbert organised the rightful salary and he gave me the old salary that they were robbing me of and the rightful letter and I took this letter and presented it to (attorney-at-law) Derick Sylvester. When I reached Derick Sylvester he started to jump up, he said, watch how you bring money for me.”

The ex-NNP political activist disclosed that Sylvester decided to take the matter to court to seek redress for him and on the first hearing the government asked for an adjournment.

He said that Sylvester won the case at the next hearing but the government then asked for a 6-month grace period on the payment of the monies due to him.

He stated that when the time had elapsed and the money now had to be paid they asked for an additional 6-months with no interest to be tagged onto it.

“I said to them, yes, you could get the additional 6 months grace but let the interest run. You know what they did to me – they sent the money and paid by Derick Sylvester and they terminated me after that – that NNP government.

So if people feel the NNP government is a bed of roses, it is no bed of roses because I know they ain’t good”.

Regis told NDC supporters that this incident shows clearly that the Mitchell-led administration “is not about poor people.”

“I was inside dey and I know and when you come out (from) around them you could see all their level of wickedness,” he remarked.

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