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Drugs selling in the market

The St George’s Market where drugs are peddled by some of the users of the place

Police in Grenada suspect that a foreign national operating in the St George’s Market is a major player in the local drug trade.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY on Monday, the middle rank officer said that based on their intelligence gathering, this individual is pushing drugs in the market square for a significant figure in the Carenage Ghetto area who was involved in the weekend incident in Saigon.

He also accused some of the Market Vendors of hiding drugs for the non-nationals and getting paid to do so.

According to the police insider, the lawmen are at work and have picked up information linking the executed Shane Brown in the Snug Corner killing two weeks ago to the foreign man in the Market and the Carenage Ghetto Don.

“Shane working with (name of Carenage man) and that’s the reason why Shane attacked those guys on top 4-Roads,” he said.

This is an obvious reference to the incident a few days before Brown was killed when he had to flee 4-Roads as an individual chased after him with a cutlass and pelted several bottles at him.

The police insider disclosed that 4-Roads is now split into three different drug gangs with a few of them breaking away from the main stream and moving to different parts of the city.

He said the Carenage man is a major influencer in 4-Roads and was trying to get back one of his favored groups to run the business up there.

“So what you find happening now (is that) Shane go to attack the old faction because (name of Carenage man withheld) prefers to have the Red Skin one back up to the top.”

According to the police insider, the drug situation on the island is very complex as the Trinidad Gangs are involved with some of them targeting the major player on the Carenage for seeking to dismantle their associates in the city.

He said it is now apparent that the Trinidadians are out to get that major figure from the Carenage Ghetto area.

“So it just happened that he escaped (Sunday night) but they won’t stop (at taking him out),” he remarked.

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The police insider also linked the Carenage man with one of the Trinidadians now on Remand at the Richmond Hill prison for the robbery at the Credit Union building in Carriacou a few years ago.

He said the police hands are tied in cracking down on the drug dealers on the island due to the reaction of the civilian population in most instances.

“Anytime we crack down on them everybody is crying the police down – nobody is saying this thing is lawlessness and must stop,” he added.

The officer disclosed that the police have been able to make some success and pointed at the turning back of an individual from 4-Roads to sell drugs in the city near one of the commercial banks.

“We mash him up early, early and threaten to arrest him for selling alcohol liquor (without a license),” he said.

The police officer also accused a top city lawyer of encouraging a lot of the illegal activities in the city by those involved in the illegal drug trade.

He said the lawyer will often make “a million excuses for these people to do the wrong thing,” adding, “all how you turn the police hand is twisted even if the police are doing their work.”

He charged that several of the clients of this particular lawyer are the persons “who are involved in organised crime” in the country.

“So that is the kind of ring that we are circled with,” he said.

The middle rank cop also said that his colleagues oftentimes need to be careful in doing patrols as some of them risk being shot at in crossfire by the drug gangs engaged in their own warfare.

“…One day eventually when they come out and do their thing and they meet up police, they’re going to shoot (at us)” he said.

The Police officer also stated that the lawmen are forced to engage in only limited patrols due to a lack of resources.

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