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Division in the top ranks of RGPF

Supt Tafawa Pierre – leap-frogged into the Police High Command as one of two Deputy Commissioners of Police

A top commander in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has called on the United States to review its security assistance to the island following the appointment of head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to the position of Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY on Wednesday, the officer said he feared that the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell is pursuing a deliberate strategy to build “a police state” and it could now be well advanced with the appointment of Pierre to the important position in the High Command.

The high-ranking officer who spoke on condition that he was not identified, referred to former Superintendent Pierre, the husband of Education Minister Emmalin Pierre as the person who “may well be the man to direct” the creation of the police state under the NNP regime.

“I believe that the US embassy should show some concern about their mutual assistance given to the NNP for security since there may be several Human Rights violations taking place in the country especially within the police force,” he said.

According to the senior member of RGPF, there is no justification to promote Supt. Pierre to the deputy rank, and by-pass the current Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP’s) from upward mobility in the force.

He said that this is another “clear indication of manipulation and victimisation and lack of proper administration by the Office of the Commissioner of Police” to fast-track Supt Pierre into a position in the High Command.

He expressed concern that officers more senior to Supt Pierre like Vannie Curwen, Issa Pierre, Sylvan McIntyre, and Glen Paul were not considered for promotion “even if they are the most senior of the group where Tafawa Pierre was most junior”.

“It seems like NNP always try to promote their own to a higher rank when they are about to retire,” he said.

The top cop said he suspected that the Political Directorate might have turned to the husband of the Education Minister to give him a top position in the High Command in light of reports that another top officer believed to be aligned to the ruling party might soon be forced to go on retirement “because of the concern of the 400 plus days leave” due to him that will take him up to the age of 60.

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A certain section of the force has been questioning the reasons behind this particular member of the High Command continuing to hold onto the position since the accumulated leave due to him will take him beyond the mandatory age of retirement from RGPF.

One top cop has expressed the view that the thinking of the Political Directorate might be to keep the High Command member on the job and pay him around EC$100, 000.00 for the leave due to him.

According to the senior officer, there is concern among several of the rank and file members of the force that Supt. Tafawa Pierre will not be easily accepted “as fit and ready to handle this chair” as the new Number Two man in RGPF.

Following is the release issued Monday by the Police Force announcing the appointment of the husband of the Education Minister as the newest member of the Police High Command:

“The Royal Grenada Police Force announces the appointment of Superintendent of Police Tafawa Pierre to Act in the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The appointment was made by Public Service Commission (P.S.C) and took effect from Monday 14th February 2022. Prior to his appointment he was seconded as Officer in Charge to the Financial Investigation Unit (F.I.U) for over twelve (12) years cumulatively.

Mr. Pierre has thirty (30) plus years of experience as a police officer with the Royal Grenada Police Force (R.G.P.F). Throughout his career, he worked in various departments throughout the force.

He received extensive training locally, regionally, and internationally in Criminal Investigations, Financial Crimes Investigation, and Instructional Techniques, and is currently pursuing a Law degree from the University of London.

He rejoined the ranks of the R.G.P.F to fill the current vacant post of Deputy Commissioner of Police, and brings valued knowledge and experience in investigation, leadership and management. He will be responsible to the Commissioner of Police for the execution of his duties”.

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