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Delvin Noel jailed for 18 years for gang-related murder

Delvin Noel - used a cutlass to deliver a fatal chop wound to the chest of Kyron Tannis in July 2020

26 year old Delvin Noel of Mirabeau, St. Andrew has been ordered to spend the next 18 years and 4 months of his life behind bars at the Richmond Hill Prison, for the July 2020 chopping death of Kyron Tannis, 29, of Gladstone Road in Grenville, St. Andrew.

The sentence was handed down to the murder convict just over two (2) weeks ago, by High Court Judge, Madam Justice Paula Gilford, during his sentencing hearing at the St George’s No. 1 High Court, which was erected inside of the Grenada National Stadium at Queens Park, St. George.

According to the facts of the almost 2 year old murder case, the convicted man, who has been on remand since he made his first court appearance on the indictable Non-Capital Murder charge at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court in July 2020, was accompanied in a vehicle by a group of men said to have been associated with the ‘Mirabeau gang’ who went in search of Tannis.

They reportedly ambushed, and killed him in view of the public, and in the presence of his mother, and other family members.

The deceased, who was also known as “G-Strap and Time,” and is said to have been associated with the “Grenville gang,” died after receiving a fatal ‘planass’ to the chest that left multiple injuries, destroying six (6) ribs, revealed his heart, and collapsed his left lung, in the surprise attack that occurred in close proximity to his home.

The incident is said to have stemmed from a drawn-out “rival” between “gangs” from the Mirabeau, and Grenville communities.

According to the Senior Crown Counsel, Howard Pinnock who prosecuted the matter, Noel, who was indicted in September 2021, had initially denied committing the crime, which was recorded as the 11th homicide in 2020, however, opted to plead guilty to the offence days after his indictment in September 2021.

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American-trained attorney-at-Law Jerry Edwin, who was retained to mitigate Noel’s defense, argued that his client, who is regarded by his former school teachers and others as a quiet person, was influenced by the gang members, who had compelled him to target the deceased as a result of the rival that was ongoing at the time.

In handing down sentence, Justice Gilford described the killing as “a senseless act,” and condemned the presence of gangs in communities, stating that it brings out the worst in individuals, and increases the level of crimes like homicide and robbery.

Noting that the deceased was attacked when he least expected it, and while he was close to his home where he must have felt safe, the female Supreme Court Judge took issue with the fact that although the convicted man expressed remorse for causing the death of Tannis, he attempted to justify why he committed the crime, citing a drawn out feud between the two (2) gangs.

As part of the sentence handed down, Madam Justice Gilford, who warned that “violence is never the solution to a conflict,” ordered the convict to undergo counseling for conflict resolution, and in default serve another prison term of one (1) year.

Noel, who was also instructed to obtain a skill during his incarceration, is not permitted to be seen in public with a cutlass/blade when he is released back into society after serving his sentence, which will run for less than 18 years on the 365-day calendar year, considering that one prison year is equivalent to about 8 or 9 calendar months.

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