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Deadly shooting in St. Paul’s

One man is now in custody, the son of an Inspector of Police, for questioning in connection with a fatal shooting incident last night in St. Paul’s in the St George South-east constituency.

In confirming the detention of the suspect, a senior police officer told THE NEW TODAY that the person of interest “is the son of a lead Police Investigator.”

He described as “very unfortunate” a situation in which the son of a member of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has been taken into custody as part of a murder investigation.

The father is said to be attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)of the Police Force.

The person who was shot dead is Troy Daniel who is called “Ranking” by fellow villagers.

The shooting incident happened within 15 yards of two prominent residents in the community – retired Chief Magistrate Patricia Mark and former Attorney General and King’s Counsel Dr. Francis Alexis and almost in front of the Pentecostal Church.

Daniel is well-known in the St. Paul’s area as a Gardener for many homeowners.

Details about the deadly shooting are sketchy but there are reports that it could have been sparked by an incident at a party the night before.

One resident confirmed hearing an explosion but did not believe it was a gunshot as the firing of weapons has not been common in the community in years.

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St. Paul’s has often been referred to as the home base of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution since two of its prominent figures lived in the area – late Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and General Hudson Austin.

The son of the police has told investigators that it was not him that is responsible for the death of “Ranking.”

The shooting-to-death last night is believed to be the 7th homicide on the island within the past 4 months.

THE NEW TODAY understands that police detectives are confident that within a matter of days they could arrest an individual for one of the murders.

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