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COVID-19 prisoner removed from St Paul’s Police Station to prison

The High Command of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is coming in for severe criticisms from some sections of the force for allowing a positive Covid-19 arrested individual from St Vincent & The Grenadines to spent a weekend at a cell in the St Paul’s Police Station.

The story which was first broken by THE NEW TODAY on Tuesday indicated that the man tested positive for the virus on Friday and was allowed to stay in a holding cell for several days resulting in fear and anxiety among officers attached to the station.

Within hours of the story getting into the public domain, a medical team was dispatched to the station to do another test on the individual which showed him to be negative.

According to a police insider, the man was removed from the station on Wednesday which eased the tension at the station.

“It was real risking having this (person) there from since Friday among police officers. “That’s not nice – that is putting all of them (police officers) at risk,” he said.

Attorney-at-law Jerry Edwin who said he was representing the Vincentian indicated that he was taken away on Wednesday to the prison infirmary and will be tested again in another seven days for Covid-19.

The police insider was critical of the lack of action from the High Command in the case because the reality of the situation is that police officers were forced into looking after these persons affected by Covid-19 as they have to feed them daily with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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He alluded to the fact that if there is a Covid-19 person in a household on the island the norm is for other members of the house to isolate themselves.

He said the holding of the individual who tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday at the station also placed at risk those members of the public who “are coming to the station and make reports – that’s not nice.”

The police insider told THE NEW TODAY that RGPF seemingly had no way to put the prisoner as the government-controlled facility belonging to St George’s University (SGU) on Grand Anse beach is considered in law as a jail under Her Majesty’s prison “so they couldn’t put him in that system down there”.

“For someone to go to prison the court has to sentence an individual to go there or pass some kind of order to go there as a holding area,” he remarked.

The police insider said it appears that not even the court wanted to see the Vincentian individual who tested positive for Covid 19 and was held at the police station in St Paul’s.

“Nobody wanted to actual touch him and all that time the (police) officers are at risk. Remember that they have to go home to their families – that’s not nice. It shows that the government really had no place to keep these kinds of people and them,” he remarked.

The Vincentian who was living in Fontenoy was charged by the police for entering the island illegally, as well as causing Dangerous Harm.

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