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Covid-19 in the prison

The lone prison at Richmond Hill is believed to have more Covid-19 infected inmates and officers than officials are revealing

A senior prison officer has painted a different picture about the Covid-19 situation at the Richmond Hill prison from that given by Acting Commissioner of Prisons, Superintendent of Police, Damian Lee that the spread of the virus is under control at the institution.

When THE NEW TODAY called Supt Lee on the Covid-19 situation at the prison, he said that it is not as bad as some people were making it out to be at the moment.

“That’s not true – that is far from the truth,” said the prisoner officer who did not want to be identified.

“Don’t worry with what Lee giving you – Lee giving you what the government wants to give you, he’s not giving you the facts. It is true that we have Covid in the prison – we have Covid there,” he added.

According to the prison officer, both officers and inmates have been hit by the deadly virus.

“As to the number I have no idea but they have that there now and they’re trying to cover it up but Covid is not something you can cover up – we have reached the stage where things are at a crisis,” he said.

Supt Lee indicated that he had given information on the status of Covid-19 at the prison to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security and she was the person to give out any details on the issue to the public.

The new prison boss said that he intends to put in place a media policy which is not a priority at the moment and unless that is done he will not be at liberty to speak openly with the local media.

THE NEW TODAY has been able to ascertain that one prison officer died over the weekend from Covid-19.

In addition, a young female from Birchgrove in St. Andrew who is the girlfriend of a prisoner officer also died over the weekend from the killer virus.

Several residents in the area described the female as one who is known to have suffered from several underlying health conditions over the years.

One resident said that the young lady “was in and out of hospital with sickle cell. Her fiance, a prison officer, contracted the virus and brought it home.”

THE NEW TODAY could not independently confirm reports coming from a female prison officer that a few cases from the Richmond Hill prison are hospitalised receiving treatment for Covid-19.

Grenada’s acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shawn Charles has said that about one-third of the island’s estimated population of 110, 000 people could be infected by the virus.

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