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Covid-19 hits two local pharmacies

At least two pharmacies in the city have closed their doors to the public over suspected cases of Covid-19.

THE NEW TODAY has been able to identify the businesses as – Hills & Valley pharmacy and the other as Grenada Pharmacy which are located within 35 yards of each other in St. George.

Hills & Valley reportedly closed its doors on Friday out of fear that a member of staff might have contracted the deadly virus.

A sign posted on the door read: “Our St George’s branches are closed due to unforeseen circumstances. We will be opened by the middle of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

When a reporter from THE NEW TODAY visited the building on Saturday morning, the front door was locked and one concerned customer was heard saying, “Where will I get my medication now, that’s the one place that have it.”

The reporter also visited other pharmacies in the city and noticed that the lines were long as people went in search of medication for the weekend.

One day after Hills & Valley pharmacy shut its doors to the public, Grenada Pharmacy, located on Hillsborough Street in St George, followed suit around midday on Saturday.

When quizzed, one staff member said that the Manager is rather tightlipped about the closure.

The female staffer said: “I don’t know what’s going on, so many people were in the line outside to purchase medication and up come the announcement, we are closing at 12 until further notice.”

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According to the employee, several persons who were in the line waiting for attendance became angry and started using obscene language, and then rushed off to the nearby Gittens pharmacy, the only pharmacy left open in the city.

“We are not sure if this one (Gittens Pharmacy) will close on Monday so I buying double medication,” an elderly lady told THE NEW TODAY.

The hunt for medication from pharmacies is common in Grenada even among patients at the St. George’s General Hospital as the facility does not have most of the drugs prescribed by doctors.

Grenada has found itself in the midst of a Covid-19 crisis as the number of positive cases moved swiftly from around 180 two weeks ago to well over 300 this weekend.

THE NEW TODAY is also receiving reports that the figure could be much higher as some persons who have been showing symptoms of the virus have not been contacting local health officials to be tested.

There are reports that even some of these people have been showing up at their workplaces out of concern that there is nothing in place at the State level to compensate them for loss of earning.

Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shawn Charles has finally admitted publicly that there is now “Community Spread” of the virus in Grenada as cases continue to climb steadily in the past four days.