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Container for dead bodies placed at Mt. Gay Mental Home

The container for Covid-19 dead bodies at the Mt Gay Mental Home

A mysterious refrigerated container to hold dead bodies has been put on the site of the government-operated Mental Home at Mt. Gay just outside the capital city of St. George.

According to a well-placed source, the container arrived on the compound Tuesday to take in the bodies of persons who die from the deadly Covid-19 virus on the island.

This development comes against the backdrop of recent controversial statements made by Health Minister Nickolas Steele that persons will start to die in Grenada from the disease.

The island’s Covid-19 deaths have started to rise heavily in recent days and the figure presently stands at 45 since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

There are also 68 persons currently in hospitals receiving treatment for the deadly virus.

A source who asked not to be named said that the presence of the refrigerated container for dead bodies on the site is causing panic and anxiety among employees at the Mental Home in light of reports that there are a few cases of the virus at the institution.

A female employee at the facility said she understood from Management that the refrigerated container for dead bodies has nothing to do with the home and does not believe that the institution was “the right place” to put it.

She spoke of seeing the owner of one of the leading funeral homes on the island on the premises when the container landed on the property.

Asked why she believed that the container was placed there, she said: “We don’t know – I hope that somebody can give you an answer for us.”

“I don’t know why is here they choose – you have the stadium, you have all these other places that you can choose. That container has nothing to do with us,” she told THE NEW TODAY.

The employee said that she is fully aware that this is the kind of container used to store dead bodies and wondered whether the Keith Mitchell-led administration was preparing for massive deaths at the home in the coming days.

When contacted, a government insider said he is aware that a decision was made at a high-level meeting of government officials on Monday night to give a particular funeral home in the city permission to put the container for dead bodies at the Mt. Gay Mental Home.

THE NEW TODAY has not been able to contact the Permanent Secretary for Hospital Services in the Ministry of Health, Hanna St Paul on the presence of the refrigerated container for dead bodies at the Mt Gay Mental Home.

The Government Dashboard on Monday night listed the number of active Covid-19 cases on the island at 2063 with a total of 2646 cases during the past 18 months.

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