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Catholic Church under fire

Bishop Clyde Harvey – is known to be close to the ex-Grenadian leader

A former Grenada government minister has lashed out at the Roman Catholic Church on the island under Bishop Clyde Harvey for what he sees as its hypocrisy on the issue of extra-marital affairs.

The official told THE NEW TODAY that the church is fully aware but not doing anything to ex-Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, a practicing Roman Catholic who has been engaged in several hostile acts against his wife in recent years.

He accused the island’s longest serving Prime Minister of being “an adulterer” and chided the Catholic Church for failing to “weed” and “throw him out” but instead is openly engaged in “playing with him.”

Dr. Mitchell is a regular churchgoer at the Happy Hill Roman Catholic Church of the Uganda’s Martyrs in his St George North-west constituency that he has been representing in Parliament since 1984.

There are reports that two chairs have been specially selected at the church to accommodate the ex-Grenadian leader and his mother who is a Centenarian.

A church-goer said that no one is allowed to even sit on the well-decorated chairs even if Dr. Mitchell and his mother are not attending the weekly Sunday Mass.

Barbados-born Marietta Mitchell has filed divorce proceedings against the former Prime Minister who is the current Opposition Leader citing his acts of ”terror” against her in an effort to force her out of the matrimonial home at Happy Hill.

Dr. Mitchell has made a successful application to local high court judge Justice Raulston Glasgow to seal the Divorce Proceedings file to prevent the media from reporting on the case.

The judge has also stayed the proceedings to allow a court in New York to settle the Divorce proceedings in which millions of assets are to be settled in the United States including an apartment block of buildings on Linden Boulevard in the heart of Brooklyn.

According to the ex-government minister, there is no way that he would offer any support to the NNP boss to be voted back into office as head of the Grenada government.

“I will not support an adulterer who today has taken his wife to court in trying to (rape) her of her dignity and abuse her again and want to come back and run the country – I will not do that,” he said.

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He said he was firmly taking the side of Marietta Mitchell on the issue because she was the one who was largely responsible for putting Keith Mitchell on his feet financially over the years.

“I know this woman go on she knees to help this man – that man didn’t have a dollar. I know it because he himself confessed that to me – what she did for him and how she support him to make him man,” he said.

Dr. Mitchell has declared his assets at around $19 million to the Integrity Commission.

The Ex-Prime Minister has allegedly used the Office of Prime Minister to acquire millions of dollars from the illegal sale of Grenadian Diplomatic passports to rogue elements around the world.

The U.S government has admitted that it had seen a video-recording in which imprisoned fraudster Eric Resteiner had handed over a payment of US$500, 000.00 to Dr. Mitchell at his luxury villa in St Moritz in Switzerland in exchange for a diplomatic posting.

Dr. Mitchell has denied the allegation, insisting that he received “approximately US$15, 000.00” from Resteiner as reimbursement for an overseas trip.

Speculation is rife that the real assets of the current NNP boss are more in the vicinity of US$50 million with bank accounts allegedly held in Abu Dhabi like some other Caribbean Prime Ministers.

The ex-government minister stated that any person occupying the office of the Prime Minister of Grenada can engage in what he referred to as a “backyard relationship” but should not be allowed to use the power of the State to openly engage in extra-marital relationships.

Former Attorney-General Cajeton Hood, under a previous NNP regime had written to the Integrity Commission to ask the body to investigate an alleged relationship that the former Grenadian leader was having with a female who was a senior official in his Ministry of Finance.

The Integrity Commission, headed then by a female barrister-of-law, the wife of a former NNP government Minister declined the invitation.

The female is known to be the estranged wife of a senior minister in the Congress government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

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