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Business executive: “I’m having a good time in business”

It is not uncommon to see the hustle and bustle in the streets of the city of St. George

A leading private sector businessman is not giving support to those persons on the island who have been complaining about a significant drop in business activities in the country.

The businessman told THE NEW TODAY that anyone who is advocating this clearly “does not have popular goods” to sell to the public but is engaged “in selling goods to the big shots – am selling to the small man.”

He said that his company sends out their sales vans with goods to the countryside and is doing good business especially with the small shops in the various villages.

“The money is in the country – my trucks (are) bringing it in. I’m having a good time in business. My problem is making sure I have enough goods in my store, in my warehouse to sell,” he said.

“Business is good – don’t let anybody fool you. I cannot complain, I am not boasting. Money is in circulation and business is being conducted. Don’t let nobody fool you with that ole talk. Those that are not getting (good business) – them brakesings and they fraid (to bring in goods) and I’m not afraid and it is as simple as that,” he added.

The business executive went on to say: “I make my dollars on the small shops in the country. My vans go out. I sell Mackerel, Sardines, Pasta, Rice, little household cleaners, and little chemicals for farmers.

He disclosed that those persons who are seriously engaged in farming “are coming and spending $500 and $600 on a tin of seeds.”

According to the business executive, there are some persons in business who are predicting “things will be bad, they’re preparing for it to be bad and it is bad (for them) so they are not bringing goods – they are running out of goods.”

“They are frightened so they are making the prediction that things are not good so they are not bringing goods – they are cutting back. I’m glad because when they cut back I don’t cut back – I’m going (the) extra (mile) and I (am) seeing the results,” he said.

The businessman spoke of a family member who ran his own business and had picked up information from him that a competitor is behaving in a similar manner and always out of stock.

He also related a conversation with another business colleague in the Wine Industry who is doing extremely well at this time of the year.

“I have never had so much wine in my warehouse yet. The more I bring the more I sell,” he quoted the wine dealer as saying.

He told THE NEW TODAY that the wine dealer indicated to him that he had probably the best carnival in terms of sales for several years.

“I don’t normally make (any) money in carnival – carnival for me is a waste of time but Grenadians going back to America do buy in my shop in the airport. Since April I (have been) trying to stock up with Rivers. I had 130 cases of Rivers sitting down there for the airport – all sell.

“I had the best year ever in the 25 years I’ve been in that airport. This was the best August in the airport. The airport was the best ever. My year to June was the best ever and it continues.”

In recent months, the main opposition New National Party (NNP) of Dr. Keith Mitchell has been painting a bleak picture of the business climate in the country.

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