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Alphonsus Daniel speaks on the Nawasa issue

Alphonsus Daniel – no longer serving on the Nawasa Board

I don’t know about the disrespect.

Those were the words used by Alphonsus Daniel, a Water Engineer in response to allegations that he was forced out of the Board of Directors of the state-owned National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) for showing lack of respect to the Chairman Phillip Alexander.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY, Daniel said that reports that he showed disrespect to the Chairman “is a concocted thing” but acknowledged that there might have been what he styled “division of points” and “differences in approach” at Board meetings but it never disintegrated to a low level.

“That is not true. We never disintegrate to any kind of infantile behaviour and disrespect – that is ole talk,” he said.

“I have a lot I want to contribute to this country and the region and I don’t want this foolishness about disrespect as if I can’t work with nobody. I have been working with people for years especially when I leave Nawasa,” added Daniel who spent 16 years with Nawasa as an employee and followed by 23 years in the private sector.

Daniel went on to say: “It has no disrespect there. I had issues maybe with approach and technical (matters).”

The former Nawasa Board member dropped hints that he was not leaving the state company as a Director with any ill-feelings towards anyone.

“I am good. I fulfilled my part in national development … so I don’t have a problem. We may have deferred on approaches but in our meetings we never disintegrated into any disrespect so that is talk. I am here and I think my government knows that I’m here to serve,” he said.

According to Daniel, it is not the first time that he has been removed from the Board of Directors of Nawasa.

He said he was moved to serve on the Board of Gravel & Concrete when a company that he was working with won a contract to do work for Nawasa.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Daniel’s appointment as a member of the Nawasa Board came to an end at the end of July.

Speculation is rife that his private company known as Daniel Engineering is tipped to get some contract work with Nawasa on a German-funded water project for the state utility.

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