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Your opinions can change a life

Has political correctness reached new heights? We venture into the sector of adoption, where a Massachusetts Couple with strong Catholic Values has been denied the ability to adopt a child because they have expressed their anti-LGBTQ views.

Furthermore, The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) argued that this couple’s 1st Amendment Rights had been violated, so they are suing.

Michael and Catherine Burke applied to foster or adopt a child in 2022. They were described as a loving couple who wanted to welcome children into their family. A social worker had asked them how they would feel if they adopted a child identified as LGBTQ.

The mother’s response was not to the social worker’s liking, expressing that the child would need to live a life of chastity if they were identified as LGBTQ. The couple also said they would be uncomfortable using a transgender person’s preferred pronouns.

Whatever the case, they also pledged to care and love the child, hoping to attend the grown child’s future wedding willingly. The Burke’s did not agree with present day procedures that transform someone’s gender or identity.

The Burke’s religious attitude is commonplace within The Catholic Church, as to many other religious organisations, centering their energy and love towards the child, without judgement, with acceptance. Agreeing to accepted LGBTQ concepts and lifestyle principals is another story completely.

Here we have a public agency refusing a couples application because of their religious beliefs, while throughout North America there are Christian Adoption Agencies that refuse LGBTQ candidates off hand simply because they are gay, all the while receiving public taxpayers funds.

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Refusals of adoption range from applicants who are Non-Christian or Gay Couples. Claims of discrimination against both adoption sectors continue to fly, like our Teachers Unions Messaging, that of their demands being “all for the children”, so too these adoption organisations claiming the health, safety and future development of these children is their main concern.

Can a person who is not politically correct (at this time) be able to fully love and care for a child? Does it matter if the social labels placed by society upon us, are more important than a child’s welfare?

Who really gives a Sh*t about these labels anyways? Ideological Hypocrites and religious heathens consider the lives of children in this fashion. Making adoption a political item we need to worry about is crazy, infantile and surely oppressive.

“We all live with the objective of being happy, our lives are all different and yet the same.” Anne Frank

“Part of love is allowing someone be what they want to be.” David Leviathan

” Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving” (thanks Harry Potter-JK Rowling)

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario