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Willis residents demand Government intervention

The community of Willis has been thrown into disarray as a family of squatters continues to occupy crown land in Horeb, causing frustration and concern among local residents.

The unauthorised settlement has disrupted the once-tranquil area, leading to growing calls for government intervention.

In a brazen display of audacity, the squatters have erected a house directly on the playing field, encroaching upon public space that was originally intended for recreational use.

The basketball court, once a vibrant gathering place for sporting activities, has now been transformed into a private garage and laundry area, obstructing its intended purpose and depriving others of its use.

Illegally constructed structures, including shops and makeshift garages, have further marred the landscape of Horeb Willis. These unauthorised additions disregard the original plans for the land, which were meant to be utilised for a mini golf course or playground, further exacerbating the frustration of the community.

Adding to the community’s dismay, the squatters have displayed disruptive behaviour, often engaging in conflicts and using offensive language. This has created an atmosphere of confusion and discomfort, tarnishing the once-friendly and welcoming ambiance of Horeb Willis.

Despite offers of alternative housing, such as rented land, the squatters have refused to cooperate and work towards self-sufficiency, instead relying on handouts and exploiting the system. This unwillingness to engage with the authorities and their disregard for the well-being of the community has left the residents of Horeb Willis with no choice but to demand immediate governmental intervention.

Adding an unexpected twist to the ongoing situation, the squatters have put forward a unique argument in their bid to remain on the occupied land in Horeb Willis. They claim that a portion of the land was placed in the casket of their deceased loved one as a symbolic ritualistic gesture during their burial ceremony, that prohibits anyone from making them leave – we know that the dead have no power and they have no claim to the land.

Frustrated by the squatters’ encroachment on crown land and their disruptive actions, residents are now urging the government to take swift action.

The presence of these squatters not only violates the rights of the community but also undermines the original purpose and vision for Horeb.

The residents of Horeb deserve a safe and thriving neighbourhood, free from those who exploit the system and disregard the rights of others. It is crucial that the government addresses this pressing issue promptly and restore the tranquility and harmony that once defined this area.

As the residents of Horeb unite in their call for justice, they hope that the government will prioritise their concerns and swiftly take action against the squatters. By doing so, Horeb Willis can reclaim its rightful place as a peaceful community where families can flourish, and the true spirit of New Hampshire can thrive.

Peaceful Resident