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What is really happening with the NLA?

Permit me space on your platform to ask a very important question – what is exactly happening with the National Lottery Authority? I have had a few conversations with others wondering why the NLA has recently been so blatant with their robbery of poor people.

Yes, everyone knows when you play lotto it’s considered gambling but who is making sure a game of chance doesn’t turn into outright thievery? With all the current technology at our fingertips NLA means it cannot put out videos of the draws so people can be assured that the numbers that they put out as the winning numbers are the numbers that actually played.

NLA SVG has a Youtube channel, why can they not have one as well here, or even put out the videos on Facebook which most people have at their fingertips? To put it plainly, NLA is not to be trusted.

A few weeks ago they put out one number as the winning Cash 4 number and then changed it very quickly for another number, if it wasn’t for screenshots some would not even have been aware. Was it a legitimate mistake or did they realise the payout for the first number was too large?

Also while I’m on the topic of payouts they have just completely stopped putting the daily payouts for the different games daily. How can this total lack of transparency be acceptable? It is a government organization – is there any oversight over the NLA? How come if you get the winning numbers it is never exactly as it was played? Only a consolation payout not the full amount. Or you are always missing the number by one, every single time.

For Playway Blackbird and Crossroads can’t get a rest but Garbage cannot play for two and a half months. While all of this is happening they just keep taking poor people’s money hand over fist.

Time to stop the crap NLA, poor people are bawling. Cost of living is high and getting higher by the day, jobs are few and far between. Many people play lotto as a means of survival now and not just for fun or to try and win something extra.

Stop bringing people down who are struggling and scraping to get by. Instead of nation building you are more like the demolition man. You NLA rob Grenadians with your over programmed machines in Blast, you still turn around and rip off poor people in all of your lottery games.

Since July, Super 6 cannot sell in Grenada but it was playing in other islands. I was under the impression that if it wasn’t playing in one island, it wasn’t playing in all of the islands, I don’t know if I am wrong.

NLA, do the right thing, start giving us the daily payout of all games both midday and evening draws and let us see with our own eyes the balls coming out of the machine, we want video evidence twice daily of the numbers that were played.

You guys are taking this thievery to another level. Tom is drunk but he’s not foolish!

A Concerned Citizen